Top 7 online safety tips




There’s no doubt that scammers and fraudsters are going to work as hard to get much out of shoppers the following weeks of Black Friday & Cyber Monday followed by Christmas shopping. What aRe the top five safety tips to consider:

Cloned Websites

This is very common despite that most shoppers do not even take notice. Cloned websites look and feel the same with the same logo, so that it is very difficult for ordinary shopper to detect. This means whoever uses the cloned websites will have their card details stolen, and of course no order will ever be delivered. What are the common giveaways to detect cloned websites? The most common is the name, look for the true name, for instance, we can have instead of Look for the green padlock which indicates security, although Google says there are many greenpadlocks now that it is looking at changing that algorithm. The green padlock can be put there to help deceive you further.

Another giveaway is bad spelling and or grammar, someone said here is your ‘attashement’ instead of attachments, and or we have ‘theze’ products on offer for you etc.

Look also critically at the website, does it look professional enough, this is another giveaway if you want to take care.

Copycats e-mails

Are made to see like they come from organisational giants like BT, HMRC, Microsoft, Yahoo and Outlook. The recent one I received from Outlook was telling me I need to increase my email capacity, otherwise I my account will be deleted, as I have used all my mail capacity on outlook. The copycats emails letters also have original logos, so you really have to careful in order to detect the truth. These emails, otherwise called phishing scams, always contain a link for you to click to update. Do not click on any link on these e-mails, all links have phishing links even the one that says, ‘IF YOU NO LONGER WANT TO RECEIVE EMAIL FROM US, CLICK HERE’. Just delete immediately, or if you have an outlook account, it can be reported as a phishing scam.


Online reviews

Is the merchant name new or unfamiliar to you, you can always detect by reading online reviews like in TRUSTPILOT. You can also use search engines like Google, Yahoo and others to learn more about the merchant. If the name does not come out, then you know it is fake.

Unsecured Wi-Fi

Yes, it is true that you want to surf, and carry out important transaction including online shopping on the go, unsecured Wi-Fi is one that can be easily accessed by cybercriminals, including stealing your personal and sensitive data. Never use free and unsecured Wi-Fi, any open zone Wi-FI for that matter.

Use credit card

Always use your credit card. Luckily EU has now scrapped the etra charges made by merchants for paying with a credit card, making it a lot cheaper for you to buy by credit card. Credit card payment gives a higher guarantee on your purchases, making it very easy to retrieve your money from any unscrupoluos merchant. All you have to do is to report to your card company with the necessary details. Not only can they refund your money, they will also ‘flag’ information about the merchant, and share such information with others.

Update softwares always

For security reasons, software need to be regularly updated when updates become available. This is because update always improve on security, and made available to users.

Use strong passwords

Using strong passwords that contain, upper and lower cases, numbers and special characters cannot be easily identified or hacked, giving you extra security.


Tips to change your life in 2019




We said again and again that the future is online, and the earlier you get into it, the better. This is based on fact, and the trend of human purchasing system, the future is definitely online. We now want to give you certain tips to enhace your success in the coming year.

A secondary income

Are you just starting out in an online business? it is good to still keep your day job, to pay your bills. A  secondary income will reduce your frustration and stress regards money, thereby giving you a better chance of success. You must realise that an online business is one of slow growth, so it needs time to become profitable, and you will need to spend on adverts and few other things for your business to become successful.

Live frugally

At least for the time being of building your online business, minimise your outgoings to only the essentials. This way, you will have that extra to spend on your online business.

Positive mindset

Always base your decision on facts, reality and positive mindset. This is because mind plays an important part in achieving your results. Whatever you think you can, or cannot you are right. Set  your mindset on an ‘I CAN ACHIVE IT’ mode.

This means always celebrate your success, and view failure as a learning curve, learn the lesson and move on. You must realise that failure is a critical part of success. Never to fail is never try it out, which is even worse. The worse kind of risk is NEVER to take any risk.

Be consisent

in taking daily action. Work consistently on your business. Let the purpose of why you are starting an online business fuel you towards progress. Think about achieving financial freedom, working for your self and having the essential time to do what you want to do including traveling the world.

Be resourceful

This simply means conduct your affairs in a way that is ready and want to help others. This is an excellent way of achieving success, as you build relationship along  the way of friendship. An essential tool for online work is building your list, your list is number one contact. Are you ready to help and support, even going the extra mile? If you are that person, then your success is assured.

Invest in yourself. invest in your business

This simply means get the right and necessary education. Only those investment will pay you high dividend and yield in the future. Don’t be mean in spending money on those things that will improve your business. What you should focus on is spending a pound to get two back.  Also leverage on the use of technology in your business, do not lag behind, spend money on latest tools to enhance your business.

Be careful who you take advice from

This is an important aspect of a mindset. Only surround yourself with those you want to trade lifestyle with i.e. people who are achivers themselves, people who understand your struggles, not those who would discourage and put you down.

Don’t give up and quit

Of course you will get to a point where you think there’s no point in going further. My advice is that don’t quit. Never give up, because quitters never win. Online business is never easy, never smooth, full of scams, but there are legitimate ones, and you can make yourself a sustainable income streams ONLY if you don’t give up.




How to achieve financial freedom in 2019





I am writing about 2019 because this year is almost done, and although it is still possible to start something this year, but the effect will only come out in 2019, hence the topic indicated 2019.

Three powerful ways to achieve financial freedom in 2019

Learn the way of success

What do I mean by this? It was Tony Robbins who advised that If one is interested in being successful, it is important to learn from those you termed or deemed to be successful. This means you have to engage in a training program to help you achieve and implement those success. The world of digital enterprenuers is so massive these days that you have to be careful where you tread to be able to choose the right one for you. I noticed when I started my digital journey in 2016, I soon observed that there are many scams as there are good opportunities online. Scammers are having their field days, so are the geniune entreprenuers.

Choosing your training program will depend on your NICHE, and what you want to achieve. For each niche there are hundreds if not thousands of ways from different coaches all over the world. You must remember that this is an age of information, and you have a responsibility to read reviews of the ones that catch your interest, and also note what those who have gone undergone the training program have to say about it. Luckily you will find reviews on good ones, as there will be others promoting them.

What will make one a good mentor? – read what others are saying about him – what are the reviews on this particular coach, what are his method, and how is his own business doing? All these are easily verifiable online. Also take time to read more about his students too. All these indices combined together will give you a direction of who should be your own mentor and coach.

Invest in your yourself

This self investment should not be taken lightly, it is ONE THING THAT CANNOT BE LOST, even if your business if not doing well. Most people take investment in themselves lightly, giving one form of excuse or the other, the common one being it is expensive, and so they cannot afford it. What you don’t understand is that investing in yourself actually save you money in the long run, by not spending time and money on unprofitable schemes, what we term ‘shinny objects’. You may ask how? – by navigating you towards a road that is sure to bring in success. Getting there with the right knowledge is important, quicker and surer way towards your online prosperity.

The right education teaches you the roadless travel, what is important, as regards what to ignore. The most profitable and evergreen niches, what type of adverts to follow, how to present yourself on social media and much more. You are practically held by hand to show you the path. And I can tell you that there are coaches who will not hold anything back, teach even with a guarantee of success. How about that? A coach that promises to pay you three times your fee back if you don’t make money from his tuition. These are the sort of investment you need to make on yourself, on your life to free yourself from debt, live your life to the full, call your own shots and travel the world and be financially free for ever.

Be teacheable

What does it mean to be teacheable? It simply means TAKING ACTION on things learnt. Knowledge they say is power, but only if one apply the knowledge accordingly. If you are given a course of action and plans to follow, but you do not implement them, then you are not going to benefit from the knowledge imparted. So in a nutshell taking action is very CRUCIAL to your financial success in 2019. There are some people that  go from one program to the another, one training to another, using various tools etc, but when it comes to taking the required action, they lack the courage or discipline to do so.

What might cause this, you may ask? Some say fear of failure. One should not let fear of failure get in the way of one’s success. All the three required action above is actually to keep failure at bay, and that is why one needs to take the three steps and rightly too because by taking up the three steps seriously, failure will not surface. Being teacheable again is NOT getting distracted but focus on your goal. You can get distracted by shinny objects and get rich quick scheme, which are actually set backs when you think about it.

Next step

What then is the next step to know how to go about it. The first step is to determine your niche, your niche is a section of the online business you want to concentrate your business on. Then you will be able to work progressly when you know where you are going, and what to focus on. Again the most important thing is to take action on your plan, on things learnt, and on the training implemented.

New to online world? Then what you need is a simple teaching that introduces you to online education, in all its ramification. That is where Wealthy Affiliate University comes in, This is an online training portal that teaches you how to implement from start to finish and get successful online.

What does financial freedom mean to you?

And finally you need to have patient for your business to grow. Online success again is not a get rich quick scheme, but a regular passive and sustainable income that will give you the needed financial freedom, if you take the above three action and implement by taking action on things learnt. With confidence I can tell you that you that 2019 will be a year in which you will remember as turning your life around, where you are gradually being free from debt, and live your life to the full.


Train to gain





On my way to the airport, I observed a lady jogger, who like was doing a synchronsing jogging, a kind of jogging and at the same time excersing her limbs as well. While on the traffic, I observed how very serious she was, She was very determined with the excercise, and I wonder what kind of trophy she was training for. The car drove past, and I wish her all the best, thinking on how hard she worked, even with the brief encounter on the traffic.

I thought to myself, isn’t that what we all do in our day to day aspect of life. Students study hard to get a high grade, tradesmen and women train hard to master the skill of trade, while sportsmen and women practice hard for trophies. How come then most of the people out there expect less from online business?

Online business, a systematic way of earning money.

There’s no doubt that more and more everyday are looking towards online business because of the huge opportunity it offers, the freedom of working for yourself. However others who want to go into online business are looking at it like a kind of money magic, a kind that will spin out money quickly for them to become wealthy overnight.

The online business model like most worthy issues of life needs consistency, hardwork and definitely time to take off. This means like all others, you must know what you are doing, plan and systematically execute the plans, little managed gains successes so to speak. Therefore building a successful online business takes time and effort. There’s no magic bullet.

How to build a successful online business?

I will first and foremost say TRAIN TO GAIN. Online business is one in which one needs to know the rules and regulation of success, like the SEO, blogging, content management, and how to monetise your website. This is an important aspect of success, getting the required training, and joining online community forum. This brings us to WHICH ONLINE TRAINING?

There are many online training programs ot there, each saying it gives the best value, but I will just analyse what you need to look for in any online training program;

One that delivers the result you are looking for – it is a common saying that the taste of the pudding is in the eating, so you want to be looking for a program that delivers, not just promises. This is because it is the result that you want and need at this time, you want to be able to find your way out of the vast ocean of online business doubt. When I started my online business, I was shocked that there are as many scams as there are good opportunities, and this is enough to discourage individuals from even starting an online business.

Give yourself time to invest in your business, and commit to things learned – you sure need the commitment especially if you are still doing your day job to meet up bills and expenses. The way to do this is to have a plan of action in place and ensure that you follow through. Make sure you work on your business DAILY, even if it is an hour a day, it is better than several hours in a day for a week or so..

What does passive income mean to you?

Think of what success mean to you – freedom from your day job, ability to pay your bills without undue pressure associated with not having money, practically debt free, and what you can do with extra income. All these are there to encourage you to quit your comfort zone, and commit to your action plan, and focus, so that you can get the desired result.


Be coachable

Whoever you are, and in whatever profession you are in, you will want to learn from others. This is because no one has all the vast value of knowledge, and the internet is so full of knowledge that you need to be able to sift the wheat from the shaft, so to say. You need commitment to focus on the things learnt. Remember that taking action is THE KEY to online success. You have to take action on the things learnt, and that means as said ealier leaving your comfort zone to work on your business at least one hour a day, regularly and consistently. Adhere to your daily action plan, treat your business as a business, NOT an hobby, and that means being serious.

Wealthy Affiliate University

is a training platform that teaches you what you need to know from ground zero to having a reasonable income online. The beauty of this is that you can start free for at least one month, which gives you an opportunity to have a peep of what is going on in the platform before you commit, although I will very much want you to commit and get the much desired training, should you want to succeed. As I mentioned earlier, online business is such that you cannot do it yourself. Most successful online business ensure they are adequately trained for the task ahead, they commit to their plan of action, and stay focussed before they are able to succeed. Your training is important to your success, because anyone without adequate training is bound to fail. Are you ready to take the plunge? are you ready for that extra paycheck. Think about it.

You need the skill that will make you successful in online business beyond your dreams, that is if you are not married to your job, and be open minded and are ready to take action? I tell you once again that lack of training leads to failure in life, and more especially in online business most time.

If you are ready to take this action with all sincererity, you can enrol here at for a free starter program at Wealthy Affiliate University


Profit Squirrel Review




RATING :  4 out 5 

Profit Squirrel is A LEADING MATCH BETTING training company that said to guarantee you winning at at least five hundred pounds a month from match betting. This it said is through RISK FREE match betting.


PROFIT SQUIRREL – Let’s make money.


Match Betting as opposed to GAMBLING is a system of using mathematical  calculation (now through software) to place number of bets in order to minimise losing out on a bet.

NOT entirely Risk Free

Although Chris Haill, the founder mentioned that match betting he teaches is RISK FREE, I want to tell you that it is not. This is because, your winnings, that is your success is being continuously tracked by Bookmakers, and they will see your betting pattern. that you only bet on free offers or price boost,  This can get you banned, or your account restricted.  So you have to deliberately play some losses to satisfy Bookmakers.

Why is Match Betting Different from Gambling?

As mentioned earlier, if you follow the rules cleverly, you might escape being banned by Bookmakers, while still making substantial amount of money match betting. However with gambling, you are supposed to LOSE in the long run. Gamblers lose money, even their winnings are soon gone with further gambling, with apology to gamblers.

Why United Kingdom only?

Chris Haill emphasised that players of the Match Betting in Profit Squirrel game must be UK RESIDENT. Why is this? After all, any online business should be done anywhere in the world.

Match Betting can only be done in any Betting Exchanges where it is available, but not all countries of the world do have Betting Exchanges. He also emphasised UK Residency so that players can claim the FREE TAX that is available to UK players. Tax free because that cash is coming from Bookmakers, so are not taxable.

Read  others’ reviews on Trustpilot.


Can you make money with Profit Squirrel?

Yes, definitely, that is if you understand and follow the training enough. Learning the intricacies is definitely what you can profit on. This website recommends you register and can make money online with Profit Squirrel. You can register here.