Online shopping safety tips




It is no secret that most shopping now are done online, so scammers are also at work to increase their share of others’ funds. These tips are therefore to help you ensure maximum protection.

Doctored/Fake reviews

If you are one of those who depend heavily on online reviews, either of the organisation or the products, you might be in for a shock. The first thing you need to be aware is that some reviews can be fake, or doctored, especially if they are wrtitten by accomplices and or aquitances. Do you remember when most Amazon sellers are paying people to write reviews of their products? This was before Amazon stepped to ensure reviews are only from verified purchasers. This shows you how important reviews are,and that while most are truthful, some can be fake or doctored to give the company or products high worth. So do your research, and not trust only the online reviews, but ask questions from those who have actually bought and used the products, or the services.

Phishing Scam

Never purchase from any link sent to you by an advertiser, claiming to be from a reputable organisation. Often you get an email offering you once in a life time bargain, ‘for today only’. Do not believe this, often if an offer is too good to be true, it probably is. The link is not from the purported organisation. Always check directly by logging into the official website of the organisation before making your online purchases. As a matter of fact, you should not click on any link sent via your email either to your computer or to your phone. If you do, it will direct you to phishing scam where your passwords and data can be compromised, and or stolen.

Use own computer

It is true that most online purchases are via phones and tablets, but it is safer to purchase via your computer, and at home. This is because home WiFi are more secured, and therefore safer than most hotspots and connections on the go. And NEVER USE OPEN OR FREE WiFi for any online transaction. Open or free WiFi are prone to hackers, who can steal your card and bank details.

Fake/sub-standard products

The online market place is awash with fake and counterfeit goods, and services are not what it is meant to be.  Some displayed original logos, and copied original photos from brand websites in such a way that you will think you are buying the right products, only to discover it is a copy when your goods arrive. How do you then protect yourself?

Make sure the website is NOT a copy of the original site. For example can be written as If you are not careful, you might think it is the right one, and all personal data entered into the fake site are compromised. So you must look for signs of originality on the website. A good one is the GREEN PADLOCK, signifying secured website.  Ensure the website is NOT using a private connection, here some hackers can view and diversify information through websites that are using private connection.

You can view site information by clicking on the green padlock, and it will tell you if the website is using private connections, or secured connection.

Ensure you buy direct from brand websites, for utmost surety of the goods, even sellers on popular sellers on Amazon and eBay do sometimes offer sub-standard products.

EU report on fake goods

Fake goods cost British Firms 6.7 billion pounds a year, and have led to 58,000 job losses. Clothes, shoes and accessories were worse hit with 4.27 billion pounds of counterfeit goods, sold in 2015.

Return/refund policy

You have to be look closely at their return and refund policy, how reliable is this? It is an easy way to know the genuineness of a company if they have a clear return and refund policy. Why would a company refuse a return or refund back if they are genuine? No reason at all. Any company that does not have a clear  hassle free and reasonable return or refund policy is NOT a genuine company.

Where the seller located is located

A legitimate website should state its location, address, contact telephone number, better if it can be found on Google. Without this valuable information, the legitimacy of the company is called into question.

Shipping/Parking Charges

What is this like, is it exorbitant unreasonable or oppressive? There are lots of eCommerce sites giving free postage and packing for those that spend more than certain amount. this is only to make you spend more. There’s nothing wrong with this concept, only ensure it is a legitimate site, value for money if they have what you need.

Fake Apps

Some scammers develop apps that look like genuine ones, but will direct you to scammers’ websites instead. The colour, logo and design all look similar, so it will be difficult for a novice to identify the scam. Vigilance is the word. As stated above, look for website address, logo, green padlock, and site information.

Apps are better downloaded via Google Store.

Never save your card details with the retailer

Some retailers will ask you if you want them to save your card details for future purchases. Do not do this, as it means they have your card details on their server, and can this can be compromised. It is better to manually key-in your card details each time you shop online.

Payment Portal

This is crucial, and especially from a scam website. Most scam websites will have a payment portal that directs you to their own scam website, and instead copy your card details. Be careful especially when paying with PayPal, as there are many spoof of PayPal payment portals that you might find it difficult to differentiate legitimate one.

Use updated softwares

How sensitive is your operating systems? One sure way you can avoid scams is to ensure all your operating systems are updated regularly. If you are on Windows 10 for instance, this is updated regularly, and make sure your turn on your Window Defender. This scans your system regularly for virus, and will even remove them before you know it.

Beware of downloading some software, that hide others. You will think you are downloading one but instead there are two. Avast for instance automatically will turn off your Windows Defender to make it work, but Window Defender is more powerful than Avast.

Never use autofill on any website

There are sometimes forms to fill, or perhaps you need to complete your details on some website to conclude your purchase. Never permit any autofill, make sure you enter your details one by one yourself. Autofill allows anyone who have access to your data to know these details automatically, and your details can be compromised.

Learn more about creating a legitimate online business

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Safest Investment, highest returns





For a considerable long time, getting rich used to be via regular savings. I can point out to a very popular book, of which millions were sold then, titled, ‘THE RICHEST MAN IN BABYLON’ by George Samuel Carson advised to save a whopping ten per cent of what is earned. Based on this advice over the years, people were able to enjoy luxurious retirement based on a fall back on their savings.

High inflation, low interest rate

Unfortunately, with the current trend of high inflation with low interest rate, people’s savings have been eroded, and the people begin to doubt the benefit of savings. So most supposedly smart investors move to assests, like stock, shares, properties, gold, silver, cooper and other commodities.

While some of these other commodities do make some positive change, that is they do appreciate, most also do depreciate. The high flunctuation in people investment give rise to Financial analyst and advisors who charged considerable amount of money for their services, promising to help you and me increase our investment in real terms. What are these financial advisors charging for, expert advise based on knowledge which their education has afforded them.

Smartest & safest investments require knowledge.

This means in real sense, to make a safe and smart investment that will endure time, requires knowledge of the market, knowledge of the economy, knowledge of the fiscal policies across the global market, and a whole lot more. Someone with the right knowledge can make money with minimal investment and reduces his risk because he can find the right kind of opportunities.

That is why I say the smartest and safest investment is on yourself. Invest in yourself and in your own learning, your own education, and your own experiencing. These are rich resources that cannot be eroded away from you, or that which you cannot loose. So you thereby give yourself an added advantage. Coupled with that knowledged, you must be ready to be  flexible, you must move with the trend, because you are in a position to advance yourself with minimum disadvantage

Smartest & safest investment is in trainers who deliver what they promise.

In the game of life, not everything goes according to plan, that is the reason to learn to be flexible, ready to adapt, and not be rigid, and learn to change your strategy according to the need of the moment. Just like savings, benefits are being eroded, so much so is brick and mortar business. You read it everywhere, and also being aired on the radio all the times, shops are closing down, high street is no longer what it used to be, all because of people’s purchasing power. The shift and trend is now online. More than ever, the focus of people buying is online, and he who does not want to bend must break. Such is the real life and focus that we are in. And the good news is, most online business require minimal outlay, in comparison to brick and mortar business. Also you can always start your online businesss part time, and continually grow it until you are confident enough to face it full time. Such is the beauty of online business

Do away with your fear.

What on earth is making you NOT to jump into the boat, and start your own online business, if I may ask? Perhaps fear of the unknown. Fear of losing the salary, that is so regular, and bills have to be paid. I can well understand that, but look at it this way, imagine you are fired today, or made redundant, and suddenly you found out that your job is no more. What then are you going to do? I really do not need to remind you of the fact that your job barely covers your expenses anyway, so the more reason you need to start on something much more realistic that will give you an edge over the coming years, something to call your own, something to make you much more independent, and allow you the freedom you deserve. The time is now, to call that short off your boss, the time to take the opportunity with both hands, and define your own future, instead of letting someone else, your boss for instance define it for you. Do do away with your fear and start now, because until you start, you are never going to be know what it entails, until you start, you are never going to know how pleasurable it can be to own your own online business, and you will never know how happy that can be.

The trend today is online business, but you have to follow the right kind of education, the right kind of mentor. You follow those who have done it successfully before, who knows what they are talking about. When you look online, there are so many types of fraud, even in training people are claiming to be what they are not, promsing you gangartuan result, just to make you sign on, and part with your hard earned money, and without impacting on any kind of knowledge. What you need to look for are trainers with results, and authority. Trainers with the right kind of encouraging community.

Wealthy Affiliate University

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Here at Wealthy Affiliates, you have all the support you will ever need for a successful online business, and the variation is so wide that you can get to choose, which part of online business you want to stick to. Also there are mentors who themselves start from the sctratch, and they know what they are talking about., You can get all the encouragement you will need.

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What is Voice Recognition Scam?




Voice Recognition scams which wiped off several hundreds out of people’s bank balances are now creeping in, into UK.  Voice Recognition uses voice signatures to charge you for products and services, and it is perfectly legal if you subscribe to it. However this Voice Recognition Payment has created a huge loophole for scammers’ action.

How Voice Recognition Work

You get a phone call from a local number,  the person on the phone will introduce himself, his products and or services. The person then will ask you a very direct question, ‘ CAN YOU HEAR ME?’ Your answer is recorded. If you say ‘YES’, your response can be edited, and subsequently use in purchases of goods and services that you know nothing about.  Your voice recording can also be tendered as evidence of an agreement to the transaction.

Of course, for scammers to be able to lay hold on you paying for goods and services, will target you for others too, like laying hold on card details and other useful IDs like your (DOB), and residential address.  The scammers are ready to delay getting these useful information about you on delay tactics.  That is, once they have your voice recorded saying ‘YES’, they can look for an avenue to get others, like your address and card details. A good example of this is offering a sample product, and asking that you only pay for the postage. If you agree to this, both you address and card details are then at their disposal.

How to protect yourself from Voice Recognition Scam

If you ever get any such call, and the person ask you ‘CAN YOU HEAR ME?’  don’t give any direct question like ‘YES’, you can say, ‘I CAN HEAR YOU CLEARLY’. Needless to say, just hang up the phone after that. And you must remember not to say ‘YES’ on the phone during phone conversation to telemarketers, especially to anyone you do not know.

Do not agree to test product samples that you will have to pay for the postage. You might think you are having a bargain, but the actual motive here is getting your bank details and or residential address. to further defraud you. Indeed, let caution be your watch word.



Top reasons why some fail in online business





Despite the huge success in online business for vast majority of people, some still experience failure. Here are the top reasons this is so:

Lack of confidence

Some people lack that confidence both in themselves and in the business. This could be due to inadequate preparation and lack of objective, direction and goal.

This also has to deal with low self esteem, negative attitude and mindset.

Some people cannot deal with failures, not realising that failures is actually part of success, good if you learn from the failure and take it as part of success.

Lack of patient

Most people who fail in online business lack the perseverance in online business. It takes time for the business to work. It is definitely a ‘get-rick quick’ one, so your focus must be on long term one. Online business is one of slow-growth business in the world, so you must be prepared to ditch your ‘get-rich quick’ mentality for a slow, but steady and sustainable growth. Do  not cut corners, not short term loopholes, but rather long term sustainable strategy.

Lack of commitment

Most do not realise the huge commitment for online business to succeed, and that it does require real hard work. Without real commitment and hard work, that success will be elusive. Rather have a realistic goal, and plan of action to follow through.

There can be lack of motivation for success. To succeed online, one needs to be driven by purpose, and be hungry for success, and never give up, even under very tough business situation.

Find a mentor

People try to do things in the way they believe or hope things will work out.  This unfortunately does not work in online business. It is essential to invest in training programme, and walk the trusted path of successful other online entrepreneur. Do not be afraid to invest in training resources and learn from others, thereby you minimise your risk of failure. Get  top training programme here.

Also invest in technology and spend money to aid your business growth. Learn from the right people, who create the success and have results. Listen, give away and build others up. Keep up learning and improving by the day.


It is easy to get distracted by the ‘shinny object syndrome’ in online business. These are marketers who wants to scam you by offering you what supposedly is a good investment. Always read others review on such products. Better to be focus and allow minimum distraction. Changes are constant, so be ready to adapt and accept changes that come with innovation. Be creative and have basic common sense and intelligence.

Fear of Rejection

There’s  some who think too much about what others think of them. They want others’ approval, and are too ashamed to reject low quality business proposition.


Escape the nine to five job




Escaping the stress of nine to five job is the desire of most of us, as we struggle for financial independence and security.  But we just cannot say we want to leave any regular source of income without adequate planning, otherwise we will be falling from grace to grass.

‘We have always done it that way’

It was Grace Hopper who branded the phrase, we have always done it that way, as one of the most dangerous phrase in business. So it is imperative that to succeed in escaping nine to five job, you will have to look at new ways of doing things. You must be ready to explore the current and workable methods that others use to succeed, and keep developing and improving yourself. Do not be afraid to travel along the ROAD-LESS way, there’s tremendous power in originality.

Become an Entrepreneur

Thinking of becoming an entrepreneur, the best idea will come from developing your passion into something that can earn you income. You will have to think wide, helping to solve a problem, create a solution to an existing issue, or just help in a way. These are ways that are sure to help you succeed. Like a small mustard seed you plant and nurture,  seeds of success will grow eventually.

Change your world

To be successful with your passion turned business is in your own hands, you, only you control your destiny. Its not going to be easy at first to start with, but if you stick to it, keep keeping on, success is definitely possible. You are where you are because you choose to be there. You are the product of your choices. Your life is what you make it to be.  You must act, not just think or want.

Set your goals.

You know what you want to achieve, so you must set out a plan of action. Break down the plan into a workable small task, and stick to working your way thorough each task. This definitely will help you focus, but you need the dedication to make that goal work.

Online Business

This website promotes online business as this is easy and cheaper to start alongside your nine to five job. It allows the business to develop with your own pace while you learn the ‘nitty gritty’ of The Online Business World. The important thing is to get adequate training, so that you know exactly what you are doing, and be able to map out the path of success.  Wealthy Affiliate University provides unbeatable training programmes to guide you in the path of success. It is definitely NOT a get rich quick thing, and the money will not flow overnight in millions, but it is possible to make a good living online, and it will show you HOW.  What is more you can start a free starter program, to get a peep into what is going on before you fully launch yourself. Start free here.