Successful Home based business tips

A home business like office based one requires due diligence and care to make it successful. You need to put things in place properly. Let me highlight these essentials:

Company Incorporation

Incorporate your business as a corporate entity with the Company House, if in UK, or with the relevant authority in your country. Endeavour to have a website and verify your business with Google. This gives your business visibility, and indicates that the business is real, and can be searched online.

You too can achieve online success

Good and Accurate Accounting Record

Ensure you maintain a proper accounting record and thus include among others keeping detail analysis of all income expenditure, including keeping all receipts of all purchases. This will help proper audit, and will help in obtaining all allowances which may help you to pay minimum tax.

Register with local business directory

Register your business with local business directory or relevant chamber of commerce. Doing so will ensure you take advantage of any benefits that arise therewith.


Customers’ Response

Ensure there’s quick and relevant respond to all questions. This indicates how you respond to issues that affect your company.  Also try to resolve all disputes that affect your organisation in a win win approach, and be ready to compromise in resolving issues.

Be open in resolving issues

Business Cards

Print business cards and flyers, these advertise you more than you will ever know.  Always be ready to let people know about your business.

Social Media Interaction

A successful home business needs social media platform to promote itself and its products and services. Yes there are popular ones, like Facebook, Twitter and G+.  These three like others are platforms for like minded to interact with each other.

However there are others that serve as LEARNING TOOLS OF TRADE, where you learn the nitty gritty of building a successful online business by learning from those who have been there before t you.

There are two that I can recommend:

Wealthy Affiliate University

Learn from the scratch HOW to build your own website, what works, and what doesn’t. Here you have a complete step by step tutorial with training videos, and more than 800,000 communities interacting and helping each other. You can not go wrong.

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How to protect your privacy online

Protecting your identity online is as important as your personal and business success.  The explosion of over 2 billion online users make it imperative to protect your identity from being misused.

IP Address

You probably already know that all computers have IP address, so that when you visit a website, the owner of the website can track your online activities through your IP address. This can be your login details, website performance, shopping preferences etc.  Indeed Pokemon Go and other games collect real time GPS information to track every location you visit. All IP addresses are logged into the website servers. Your IP address can reveal your details like your country, or even an area where you live.

Update your privacy setting regularly

Anonymous Proxy Server (APS)

If you do not want to be tracked while surfing, the best way to do it is to obtain an anonymous proxy server that stand in the gap between you (that is your IP Address) and the websites you visit. This standing in the gap can only be temporary, as all proxies are eventually blocked. This means if you are using APS, this needs to be updated regularly.

Protect yourself online

Update your privacy settings regularly

Updating your passwords and other privacy setting will minimise your risk of being prone to hackers. Ensure that your passwords contain combination of upper, lower case, numbers and special characters. Do NOT use the same password for all your internet activities, and ensure software  are updated regularly.

Be discreet about your personal activities on social media, do not flaunt your wealth.


Workplace Stress Level

Workplace stress level has reached record high levels and a transformation in mental health care is needed, the TUC says

Stress is now top health and safety concern, especially among public sector workers, a survey  of 1000 union health and safety reps reveals. Longer working hours and low job security mean seven out of ten reps say it is a problem, more for employees hit by spending cuts.

Success is real hard work

Stress is preventable if staff have reasonable workloads, a supportive manager and a workplace free from harassment, says TUC boss Frances O’Grady.

Remove stress from your life.

That is why we want you to consider the many home based opportunities highlighted in this website, to be able to work, and manage your own stress level from the comfort of your own home.

Work at home – learn affiliate marketing.

Build a website, write contents that educate, and drive traffic to your website, earn from your website. It is that easy, with easy to follow tutorials, it is something you can do with ease. Register here.


E Books

Electronic books or, eBooks as they are popularly called are books written in digital forms, and can only be read in flat panel digital platform or online.

The explosion of digital books and its various reading platforms have increased numerous interest in authors of eBooks, as they have minimal production cost, and do not take up any storage space.

You can do it.

A large percentage of people now read eBooks  more than physical books. This is because they are easily accessible via various digital readers which can be carried virtually anywhere to enjoy.

This means YOU CAN MAKE MONEY BY WRITING eBooks. If you have a particular knowledge which you want to share, and it is educative enough, people will buy.

Selling your eBook

You can sell your eBook directly to the public, on your own platform, (you will need your own website to do this). You can also sell through a publisher, which means you will only be paid royalty for sales. The publisher will make your eBooks, and market them on various platform to increase sales.

Selling online? – protect yourself from scams

Selling online has become one of the many ways individuals now make full time income. However the risk of being scammed is very high especially if you sell directly on platforms like eBay, Craiglist and Gumtree.

One reason is that most of these buyers out there specify payment by PayPal, and you will think, WHY NOT? because PayPal goes straight into your Bank account, and that does not pose any big threat. Also because PayPal is owned by eBay, it gives you a further discount if you pay by PayPal.

The problem is that it is easier to dispute a payment via PayPal, and PayPal will always give first consideration to the payee, making you the seller loose out in most disputes. It works like this: you list your product, say a laptop on eBay for sale, and a buyer will contact you to say because of the weight, he will be prepared to collect at a designated place. Meanwhile he will pay you the amount via PayPal. The authorisation is then made. You check your account, and pronto the money is there. After collecting the item, the person who owns the account that the payment came from will now dispute the sale, (remember payment via PayPal can come from a hacked account). PayPal then deduct the amount from your account, and that HOW you are being scammed.


So what can you do to prevent this type of scam? The best way is to courier all you sales by recorded delivery. You might be this might be a bit expensive, but it is better  to be safe than sorry. If you have a proof of posting like this, you will always be paid for all your online sales.

Watch your back

Scams are all over the internet these days, and it will be silly to think that it is specific to a type of payment, indeed it is all over in e-mails, social media sites, credit/debit cards payments, bank transfers and so on and so forth. Read the full report here in ScamWatch.