What is online business?



Most people believe that it is not possible to earn a considerable income from online business,  this is not true. However I will endeavour to analyse and explain in details what online business is.


Online business is defined as a business done entirely online, either from person to person or from business to business. Most online business are classified as SMALL BUSINESS, and are actively engaged in offering goods and services online. Online business are divided  into two model:

The Business Model

This can either be business to consumer, or business to business. In business to consumer, goods and services are offered direct to consumers, whereas in business to business, the main service is offering of relevant information out there to help others make informed decision about products and services.

The Merchant Model

This is where an individual sells goods and services directly to consumers. This can be either by an individual owning a website where goods and services are promoted, or goods and services sold via third part websites like Amazon, eBay, Shopify and others.

How to be successful online

Goal Setting – Like most important issues in life, it is important to SET A GOAL, and be consistent in working daily towards achieving that goal.

Take Action – Make sure you take all necessary action in reaching that goal, which among other things include learning the needed skills, and training required to make you succeed.

Do not be discouraged – Most good things in life required hard work, (because if it is easy, everyone will be doing it), and some failures for sure. The most important things is not to be put off by the failures, but to keep pressing on until you succeed. Failures are actually part of success in life. Hear what Michael Jordan  once said:

Why I succeed – ‘I’ve missed more than 9,000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games 26 times. I’ve been trusted to take  the games, winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed’.

Do you want to take a second look at online business model, do you want to find out which one will be good for you, do you know how to go about it?


Mindset a powerful tool in your success




The free dictionary determines mindset as ‘a fixed mental attitude or disposition that predetermine on person’s responses to and interpretation of situations’, It is an inclination or a habit.

It is no surprise therefore people are sucked in dire need and poverty for a long time, unable to try various resources available to help them. They just have this mindset that ‘THINGS WILL NOT WORK OUT’

Own your online business

If you look at any development in life, it always require change. Change is simply that force that will allow you to take action regarding your circumstances. Do not be among those that says, ‘what will be will be ‘. No you have a choice whether to make that needed first step towards taking action to alter the direction of your life, because every mistake you make is progress.

You need to stop being afraid of what will go wrong, but think of what will go right.

Start you own your online business

So change your mindset, and look for opportunity that best suit your passion, start on a journey of success towards owning your own online business. What is more, you will have all the needed help and support. You can even start free without putting down even your card number. It is as simple as that

Start you own online success here, and in a year’s time you will be glad you did.

Jobs could be lost to Robots


The impact of technology on jobs and profession indicate that many could be lost to robots and other technology automation.

The Bank of England CEO, Mark Carney said this could affect almost half of the UK workforce of 31.8m, and the worst affected will be the lower income group except skills like hairdressers, childminders,  and carers.

Wider gap between the rich and the poor

It is a well known fact that the gap between the  haves and the have- nots are increasing every day, while average workers have suffered massively loss of high quality of living standard over the last ten years. Read the full text here.

Have successful online business

Are you at all surprised by all these gloom prediction on your job and living standard, if yes, what are you doing about it?

What you can do is to take advantage of the digital age, and make a living for yourself by having a successful online business.  Statistics show that people’s purchasing power have all tend towards online. Actually about $3 billion sales were done online last years, where Amazon that takes the lead only have 15% of the market share.

To make success of online business like any other, you need a good training platform, which include learning to build your website and to be able to leverage to make success of it, take control of your life, and ditch nine to survive.

Agree online business is slow growth, but assured if you are determined to put into practice things learnt, persist until you succeed.  Topmost online University for this is Wealthy Affiliate, and the good news is that you can start free. Register here. 

Credit card scam


With Black Friday and Cyber Monday out of the way, the biggest next shopping spree is obviously for Christmas where most people use their credit cards for purchases.

£10 million lost to Cyber criminals in 2015

A popular newspaper reported that more than £10 million was lost to cyber criminals last year. This year, they are also actively engaged to get cash out of your cards, so it is essential to take some precautions mentioned here.

Beware of credit card scam

Public WiFi

Use your cards only on secured servers. This means avoid free and public WiFi connections for your online shopping. This is because scammers have a way to steal your card details if you are on public WiFi because they are easily accessible by anyone.

Look for the padlock sign representing secured servers on the website you want to use your card on.

Fake or cloning websites

Cyber criminals sometimes hoist websites that will have a look and feel of the originals, and you will think you are dealing with the right website. For example a popular shopping website amazon.com can be cloned as amaxon.com. 

You will have to be vigilant to ensure you are not giving your card details to those clones.

Beware also of pop ups that say BUY NOW – THIS OFFER IS FOR LIMITED TIME ONLY,  and then you see a clock ticking away. The scammers know you are online, and therefore offer you a ‘too good to be true offer’. Do not be fooled, because if its too good to be true, its probably is.

Unemployment across the globe has drastically increase the activities of cyber criminals. Avoid completing some online surveys, especially those that promise substantial freebies. They can be targets for cyber criminals to get your important details.