What is Neobux Scam?




Neobux is NOT king of the PTC for a good reason, but rather a big scam, in a subtle way, and you will never know, until you have some cash, which they do not want to pay, they will just lock you out, and you will never hear from them NEVER again. They sit on the money, and they have done it to countless people. They will do it for you, so DO NOT USE NEOBUX EITHER TO ADVERTISE OR EVEN REGISTER TO VIEW THEIR ADS AT ALL. THEY ARE A BIG TIME CHEAT. 

Neobux – king of PPC SCAM

Neobux modern day slavery.

When you enrol with them, they will give you hundreds of ads to view to attract you. On top of that, they will give their so called ADPRIZE, which is four ads to one that you have clicked. Imagine the number of ads you will view in a day, this can last you up to five to six hours. All you get is a dollar.  In deed you just waste your time, signing up with Neobux, IT IS NOT WORTH IT. All this, would not have been bad, if they have not set out to cheat you out of the little money you make in viewing their ads.

Rented Referrals, Neobux greedy machine.

Renting Referrals is where Neobux ensure the money they said you make, is recycled back to them. They encouraged you to rent referrals. DO NOT RENT ANY REFERRALS, OR EVEN ENROL WITH NEOBUX.  You are only to going to lose money at the end. This is because the greed of Neobux wants you to recycle the so called referrals, put them on auto pay, and auto recycle. Before you know it, all the little money you make for your six hours a day on viewing ads will soon vanish.

And when you adjust, and do not want referrals again, they wait until you have substantial amount, and will block you out, claiming on reason or the other and since they do not want to pay any way.

Neobux Forum – A Grand Deceit

Do not be deceived by reading members forum of making thousands of pounds, and having thousands of rented referrals in the process. This is NEOBUX grand deceit to encourage you to register. They are all orchestrated, people they paid to set these up. That is the reason that these claims cannot be substantiated. You never see any proof of payment. You CAN NEVER MAKE MONEY WITH NEOBUX, BECAUSE THEY WILL RIP YOU OFF IN THE END. 

Do not use Neobux for your ads

Internet marketers should not use Neobux for your website ads, or for your products launching. The first reason is because Neobux uses robots to view your ads, and your ads will never convert. This is another greed exhibited by owners of Neobux.

The second reason is that Neobux never display your URL, this means you never get any follow up, and of course, they know the reason why your URL is not shown, they are viewed by robots.

Neobux days are numbered.

The greed of Neobux will certainly drive it into oblivion, having cheated so many struggling individuals trying to make end meet, and spending hours viewing their ads, sure this sort of greed will not survive for too long. Nemesis will catch up on them, this is a natural law, they will soon be caught up.

ClixSense, a better option than Neobux

If you are interested in PTC, its better to register with an honest and reliable one, who will not cheat you out of your pennies, and will pay you on time. In deed you will earn more with ClixSense, especially with surveys, tasks and offers, considering the fact that you you will spend about a tenth of the time you spend Neobux on ClixSense, and earn even more. Register with ClixSense here.

ClixSense displays URL of its advertisers.

ClixSense will display your URL, so ads you put on ClixSense will convert, and are seen by real people, and therefore real conversion.

Neobux King of PPC Scam

This is real,  stay clear of Neobux, you will waste your time, and loose your money at the end of the day. Do not make this mistake, be grateful that you have been warned. Neobux is a big scam in the PPC industry, STAY CLEAR.


What to do before you lose your job





Jenny Richter was happy to be working for an American flagship and top store, Macy’s. She actually  rose to the post of a Regional Director in almost 20 years that she was employed.

However early this year, Jenny was made redundant along with other 10,000 employees, as Macy’s struggled with the shift in people procurement style, preferring to buy more online than in the stores.

The Next Step

Jenny decided to use her experience to launch her own online retail store, and the rest is history.

What are you doing?

This happened to Jenny, and it could happen to you. If you lose your job today, do you have a plan B? Over and over again, I have mentioned it in this website that there’s tremendous shift in how people now buy online, more and more are being done online than , ever before, and it is only wise for you to tap into this tremendous opportunity before it is too late.

Amazon does over £4b annual sales online globally, and even then, this is just less than 15% of all online sales.

What does this mean for you?

It means you can take the necessary steps to learn the digital trade and its many benefits, which include among others:

  • Professional Bloggers – either via content writing or video (V-logger).
  •  Affiliate Marketer – where you can promote other people’s products, and earn commission on sales.
  • Write an e-book, and publish it in Kindle. This is a lucrative, and untap area with many possibilities.
  • Become a website designer – design and manager third party websites.
  • Launch an eCommerce like Jenny, brand your products to sell online. This makes you unique.
  • Do you have a skill – and can teach others? then set up an online tutorial, you will be surprised how easily this will sell.

Indeed the list of your possibilities is endless, but you need appropriate platform to learn about online business success. That is the reason  I recommend the best online education platform. Register here.  

What is SFI ?




SFI, otherwise known as Strong Future Income is founded by John Carson, a well known online entrepreneur.  SFI operates both as an affiliates, and MLM (Multi Level Marketing), alongside their sister eCommerce corporation, Trippleclicks.com.

Is SFI legitimate?

I will say YES definitely, SFI is a legitimate organisation, priding themselves of being strong financially for almost 20 years now. There’s no doubt about their legitimacy.

How SFI works.

The main purpose of SFI is to encourage affiliates to buy from Trippleclicks.com, and when you open up trippleclicks.com, prices are unreasonably over priced. You and I know the reason for the high prices, simply top-line interest paid as on most MLM.

I once searched for an Avon perfume on Trippleclicks, it was listed as $68, for something that was listed as $14.00 on Amazon. Who on earth would be stupid enough to pay $68 for something you can get for $14.

Why I would not recommend SFI

  • Games waste your time.
  • Auctions suck your money.
  • Very expensive and low value products at their trippleclicks.com. The initial VP (VALUE POINTS) you get is just to diversify you away from the from the difficulty of getting up to 1500 VP needed to earn commission.

My opinion.

To create and sustain any successful online business entails first and foremost investing in yourself by learning all the necessary ingredients of online business success. It is after this that you will be equipped to navigate your way through the many paths of online success.

The trend in e-Procurement makes online business very lucrative. It is expected that the trend will continue in the foreseeable future. So its better to be prepared for it, and get the necessary training. Wealthy Affiliate University remains one of the top place to train for this vast opportunity. Register here for free.