Let your dream come alive




How do you feel about your dream slipping away? I mean that is after doing a lot to make a good life for yourself, and you have nothing to show for it.

I will advise you not to give up hope, and keep on trying to make your dream, come alive. Definitely it is not easy breaking through. For most people they have to try and try again before striking that success. Read the story of Jack Ma, China’s richest man, the founder of Alibaba here.

Do what is necessary

It is important that you do all that is necessary in pursue of your dream. These necessary things are training, education, networking which will put you on what’s on in your particular type of business. Networking that is able to liaise you with over 850.000 like minded individuals learning, teaching and exploring together. That is what you get at Wealthy Affiliate University. Register here.

How to start affiliate marketing business





I have throughout the pages of these website emphasised the benefits of Affiliate Marketing as an online business that you can embark upon  alongside your day job. Affiliate marketing is a lucrative and new modern day business opportunity.

Affiliate Marketing is where you promote other company’s products and services via your won websites, so that you get commission on whatever sales you make on such sales.

Start with your Niche

Your niche is something you so much love to do that you will rarely get bored even spending hours on it. This will be your Niche. Then look for companies or organisations that produce them, say games or other products or services. Some companies don’t produce, but they are retailers of such products, and can also have affiliates.

Build your website

Building and managing your websites are the core of your affiliate marketing business. It is an important asset to have, the knowledge and education you need is what you can learn from a reliable online university as well. It is your website that you will use to promote your business, and where you will generate sales from. It becomes imperative that you want to get this right.

Do your research

Do your thorough research, and write a review on some of the products on your niche, especially you the ones you have tried. It is important that you give honest reviews, as people out there rely on such reviews to make informed decision about purchases, and your review will be helping them do so.


Your reviews will be written through what we call blogs, with or without pictures or images of the products.  Your blogs will also promote some services offered by these products. With powerful and converting blogs on your website, you are now ready to apply for affiliates from these organisations. They approve your application by giving you what is termed an affiliate link. This is the link you will put in your blog, to whoever is prepared to buy based on the strength of your blog.

You must blog regularly,  and use certain keywords so that your blog can easily be found by people on various Search engines like Google, Yahoo and others. This you will have to learn how to.

Social Media

You will increase traffic to your traffic to your websites by also increasing you social media presence.  Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, Goggle+ play important role in driving traffic to your website.

Wealthy Affiliate University

This is one of the best teaching portals available online, and you will benefit tremendously by registering with them. There are two membership, premium and free ones. It is logical that only premium members benefit from the full training. Nevertheless free membership allows you to have a peep into the online community, before you decide whether it is good for you or not. You can register here for either of the two.

How to leverage the information age




Information is virtually available for all these days, even in the so called rural areas you will see people of all life using their mobile phone. What does this mean for you and i ? It means information is virtually free abundant and available for whoever wants to access it.

Why you need Knowledge to succeed?

It is true that information is virtually free, abundant and available as earlier stated, but we need knowledge to disseminate the information, to see which one is good or bad, so that decision and action can be made on only the good ones.

A good example is those websites with loads of priceless information which can actually be sold, but most of the owners decide to offer such information free of charge. Have you ever wondered why this is so?  This is because the owners, with the right kind of knowledge know that they can increase traffic to their websites by offering free information. The more traffic that comes seeking the information, the higher revenue they can charge for any advertisement on their website. This is one example how website owners have leveraged information with knowledge to profit.

How to acquire knowledge

Knowledge can only be obtained by education. This education will enable you to process the vast array of information available. It will help you know the ones you want from those you don’t want to bother with.  Education will go further to teach you what is essential in the world of business, how to go about doing what you love, what to avoid an what to concentrate on etc.

Wealthy Affiliate University

This is an online education forum where you pay $49 a month (or $359 per year) for a complete teaching and tutorials for all that is essential in a world of online business. Wealthy Affiliate University also has a viable online community each eager to help and move another forward. When you join, you wonder how you have been managing without it.

You can either join as a fee paying premium member or join free for a limited period only by  getting a sneaky preview of what is going on within the community.

Again the ball is in your court. Yes all information is widely available, but you do need education to dissect the information for a successful life.

You can join Wealthy Affiliate here.

Mobile Phone Scams




Mobile phone scams or ‘smishing’ as it is called, is where scammers send a text or link to your phone, purporting to be from your bank, energy provider or even tax authority trying to get you to give out sensitive information .

Mobile phone scams have more than double recently because more and more people are now using their mobile for surfing and for other online services. So scammers find this a haven for fraudulent work.

How ‘smishing’ work

Scammers here pretend to that the message they send you is very urgent, which you need to respond to immediately. They might say, they need to confirm a payment request from your bank or similar issue like that. Sometimes they can ask for your bank details or pin, they will say this is to confirm whether it is you.  The essence is to steal your identity for a more sophisticated fraud.

How to be safe from scams

  • Do not give out any personal information on the phone to callers, even if they said they are from a legitimate company.
  • Do not call them back immediately or on the phone number they gave you.
  • Drop the phone immediately, just hang up on them.
  • If you want to be sure, get the company phone number directly from phone book, before calling to check from them.
  • Do not open any link just delete  immediately.

Ignore a call or email you do not recognise

You are wise to ignore any call or mail you do not recognise. This is because scammers are now likely to make threatened call asking for immediate payment, which otherwise will make you suffer catastrophe.

Scammers are likely to present themselves as your energy provider, lottery officials, tax office, insurance agents, computer technicians, or charity organisation.

Just hang up on them, or better still do not pick up.

Organisation now help to limit scammers operation

Most internet giants are now helping to at least limit scammers’s operations. Agreed they cannot totally be eradicated. Companies like Microsoft, Yahoo and Google are now ale to encrypt fraudulent links, although most still escape their actions. Microsoft have a way to request users to report scammers email, text or link.