Redundancy looms for Tesco training & recruitment staffs




Tesco, one of the giants supermarket in UK is contracting its training and recruitment to outside independent consultants, and its staffs are furious.

Change is constant

Everyday more and more jobs are being threatened either by Robots or changes to how jobs are perceived and or executed.  More and more are now being done online. Online grocery shopping in UK has taken over the physical one, and so it is for many others. This can only mean one thing, get ready for this change, but how?

The surest way to embrace change is to be ready for it, by educating yourself for whatever you need to do. Fortunately this sort of education is also available online. This means it does not have to disturb your current employment. Learn at your own pace and time. All you have to do is to create time for it, yes out of all your busy schedule.

Wealthy Affiliate University

Wealthy Affiliate University is probably one of the best training platform for all is happening online these days. The first is to have the needed education, which will allow you to branch out to an area that interest you. What’s more, you have thousands of others interacting and learning from each other, so you can never go wrong. There’s a free platform which will cost you nothing for joining, but obviously to benefit fully from all online courses will require your further commitment but it all depends on you.

Online Business Ideas




We have heard it before, there’s money online.  I understand the greatest earner on YouTube earns about $12 million per year. To some out there, all these online business ideas sound too good to be true.

Others believe making money online is a farce because online business is full of scams, or rather genuine business is not possible. I want to assure that it is possible to make money online promoting your products or services, and this you can do very successfully too.

Not an easy cash

The most crucial issue to remember is that GENUINE online business IS NOT AN EASY CASH. If you want an easy cash, its better for you to stick to your 9 – 5 job where there’s at least a guarantee salary at the end of the month. However if you are ready to be patient, and learn the right and honest way, I can assure you that you will make good online income.

Information Overload

The fact that there’s a lot of information online , much more than you ever require can be all confusing. There are probably more scams than good ones, so it is important to be ale to ‘sift the wheat from the shaft’ in the variety of information available.

Follow the sage

Following in the footsteps of those who have gone before in online success is definitely true here. Take the needed training, and persevere, simply because it is not a get rich quick thing. If you are truly serious about online business, I recommend Wealthy Affiliate University training. Here you get a first class training, all you ever want to know about online business success.

Don’t make excuses

Excuses are easy to make especially if you don’t want to do things. What you don’t realise is that you have to start somewhere, and until you start, you would not know what to expect.  Take advantage of the information age, acquire knowledge, as well as understanding of the real world of online business success. This is where the future belong, this is the business of the next century. You will be glad you did.


Future job market





Today’s information and technology age obviously alter the direction of the future. This is especially true in terms of jobs and employment. We have heard about artificial intelligence  or robots taking over many jobs, thereby reducing and enhancing those jobs available for human to do.

The Trend Today

This is not new. Years ago, we the saw the threat of jobs was technology, or machines where a single machine can conveniently perform task of several  employees.

Today, we look at the threat of automatic driver-less cars replacing taxi cabs, newspapers and its delivery moves online, 3D technology can see the end of construction and engineering jobs, online direct booking for hotels and flights already saw the decline of High Street Travel Agents.

The Way Forward

Two top London Economist have already predicted the decline or total elimination of most jobs, example a profession like Accountants will partially if not totally eliminated with the development of software like Quick Books doing most of the necessary calculation, including taxes payable.

The only way forward definitely is starting you own online web based business, even alongside your current 9 – 5 job, and start to grow it until it can sustain you totally.

To do that you need a training that is adequate, and complete for all your web based business. Today, Wealthy Affiliate University is about the best online training available for that purpose. You can register free to see what is all about, alternatively, a premium membership tat will give you full access including hosting and free website development course cost $49.00 a month, (a lot cheaper if you pay yearly).  See what this is all about here.    

The new financial freedom





Most people think job security and financial freedom is the same. Unfortunately for those who think so, it is not.

Job security is the assurance that a person with the necessary skill will continue to be employed. There are some industries like health and social care, IT, Police and other security personnel, counsellors & therapists, vet and other auxiliary workers  where employment is high, and will continue to be so.

Financial freedom on the other hand indicated being able to live the desired lifestyles without the need of a regular salary or wages.

Multiple Jobs

Some people in other to get that much needed job security take up multiple jobs, working round the clock, leaving little time for family and leisure. This reminds me of the quote by Dalai Lama, where people sacrifice their health to make money, and later when their health fails, they will now use money to salvage the damage. A very sad irony indeed.

The truth is that there’s nothing like a safe or secured job, and being an employee is one of the riskiest thing in life as one can be fired any day.

The Wrong Mindset

The main reason why most seek job security over financial freedom is the wrong mindset developed from college days.  We used to believe in go to college, get a good degree, secure a good job, and that is it, you are done. Unfortunately this does not work for the vast majority of people, and its always too late before they found out. The education system still does not teach Financial freedom, and that is most are in huge debts up till today.

Financial Freedom involves learning about financial discipline.

The New Financial Freedom

The new financial freedom is starting a business as soon as you can even alongside your day’s job. Learn this from Robert Kiyosaki here. Learn also to invest properly, but not necessarily in savings account.

Starting an online business is one of the cheapest way to starting your business alongside your day’s job. That is why this website recommends Wealthy Affiliate University, that teaches you all that can be taught on online business, gaining the very rich wealth of knowledge to put on the path of that much needed financial freedom. You can register here.