Beware of scams




At this time of the year, and with the need to buy early for Christmas, and hunt for real bargains, has increased invitations for scammers and fraudsters.  Here are the alarm bells to look for:

Fake website

Designing a website, registering and hosting is very easy and cheap, so it is not a surprise that fake websites spring up from time to time. These fake websites are there only for one thing – to scam you and I of our hard earned cash. Fake websites take up names close to the real ones, so that if you are not cautious, it is easy to mistake one for the other. A good example of a fake website for ticket scams is can say to represent American Airlines .com

Protect your card and PIN

Protecting your card and pin is the most sensible thing to do. Never disclose your pin to anyone, and you pin and card should not be put together. In deed  it is not wise to write your pin down anywhere, it is best to memorise it.

Beware of free Wi-Fi

Unsecured free Wi-Fi is another alarm bell, as it is easy and possible to prey on whatever you are logged into.  Scammers and fraudsters do actually prey on you to trap on your banking details and passwords.

Use strong passwords

A strong password helps further your security. Do not repeat passwords too many times, and also change your passwords regularly.

Prevent remote access to your computer

Never allow remote access to your computer, even if it is someone you trust. Having a remote access enables the other to keep working with or without your consent, leaving you vulnerable at all time.

Ignore unsolicited emails

Unsolicited emails, or phishing scams as they are called, are sent to scoop on your details, and this can happen if you respond by clicking on the link sent with the e-mail. Never never open such emails. Delete immediately.

Too good to be true deals

If a deal is too good to be true, its probably is , so do not fall into any such scams and think you are buying cheap.

Pay with a credit card

Always pay with a credit card if you have one, as they are much more secured than a debit card, bank transfer or handing over cash. Credit cards companies have a way of taking back money fraudulently obtained from you.