Starting an online business





According to recent statistics released by Forbes, up to 79 million people worldwide will start their own online business within the next five years.

Forbes Statistics

Why an online business?

You may wonder why this is so, is it because that is the trend for future entrepreneurs , as many now realise that Artificial Intelligence is making many jobs obsolete. However starting anything new is not that easy, but can be done. Here are the tips to make starting easier:

Do away with your fear

It is Ralph Waldo Emerson that says ‘FEAR IS YOUR ENEMY’ , simply because fear can hinder your progress, especially fear of failure. Another fear is wanting to start when conditions are ‘prefect’. The great Book, THE BIBLE says, if one waits for a prefect condition, one will never get anything done. So the advice is just get on with it,  grow, learn and develop as you go along.

Information overload

This is the age of information, so it it can be sometimes difficult to be able to sift through all the information out there.  You can spend a considerably length of time on those information that are not relevant . This where training can become useful, knowing what is needed from those that are not.

Have a goal to work with

Draw out your goal, and plan how to go about fulfilling them . A study shows that those with goals and map out plans are more successful than those without. This is simply because they have something to work and look forward to, which is the motivating factor.

Create your own online business

Your online presence

How do you want your online business to be? Definitely among the best or top ones, earning a reasonable income and making an impact. That is where I will always recommend Wealthy Affiliate University as a top training portal that is second to none. It meets all you will ever need to be successful in your online business, but the rest is up to you really, if you want to take up the challenge. 

Be an Entrepreneur this coming year.





As the year is coming to its end, it is imperative that most of us will be having our plans for the coming year. I mean the so called New Year Resolution. What exactly you resolve to do is your choice, but I want to chip in an advice from one of the world’s renown author, Robert Kiyosaki, known for his Rich Dad, Poor Dad book.

The great crash

Robert was able to accurately predict  the great crash of the nineties, the great financial crises, the fall in values of stocks and shares, as well as properties values. That was twenty years ago in 1997.

This time around, Robert is looking at the trend of the future, job losses, artificial intelligence, the economy crises of corporate giants, and the move from oil and gas energy. What does these mean for you and I? The jobs are just going to evaporate, and perhaps curb our living standards, or make us more in debt.

Robert’s Advice? Be an entrepreneur

To be an entrepreneur is about the best advice any forward thinking person can resolve to be this coming year.  This is not that difficult as some people term it to be, especially when you want an online business. An online business is about the cheapest and simplest to start. Easily manageable too, because you can work at your own pace, or work it alongside your current paid employment.

Wealthy Affiliate University

To make success of your online business, you need to learn all about it, apply what you learn, to ensure you are successful. WAU is about the best online training platform available in today’s market.  There’s a starter fee of $19 for the first month, thereafter $49 a month, or you can pay annual price of $350, which actually saves you a lot of money really.

Free starter pack for one month.

You can take advantage of the free membership, where you are allowed into the platform, and access most of what is going in there except the actual training.

If you want your new year to be better than the previous ones, now is the time to take action by registering here now.