Selling your products online



Selling your products, both old and new online is another avenue to make money on the internet. You can start small, and eventually develop this into a viable business. Depending on what you want, you can decide to keep it moderate. You must not be on the illusion that you have to trade big to make sizeable income online. There are many out there making good and sustainable income online, but deliberately keeping the business small, because they want to be able to manage it themselves, and not bother with any additional staffing cost. And what’s more, there are many platform to easily do this. I mention both old and new, because there are some platforms that allow you to recycle your old stuff, while others only allow new ones only.

Selling your old stuff

Selling old stuff is only permitted in some, not all online vendor, and for this, the presentation, the quality and the state of the product must meet required standard. You are even allowed to state the condition as GOOD, VERY GOOD, AS NEW, depending on what you want to sell. You must realise that here, you want to build TRUST more than anything, especially at the initial period. You need to build trust on good quality, your product description must not hide, or lie about the condition of the good you want to sell. Once you build trust, it is virtually easy to sell just about anything either old or new.

Platforms you can sell your stuffs on


EBAY is a trading portal for old and new, and allows bidding as well. BIdding is time related, so your stuff is taken out if there’s no sale. Ebay allows you to see practically anything online on their platform. Of course, first you have to register and follow policy and proceedure, display the photo of what you want to sell, and put your price, you are done.


Amazon is probably the most popular trading sites in the world, but without the auction aspect like Ebay. Amazon prides itself as the cheapest online store, so you have to be able to have a competitive pricing to sell on Amazon. You have to register and be approved to sell on Amazon.

Not on the high Street

Not on the high street is a portal to use if you have your own private, unique and personalised design to sell. This site is very popular with individual small scale private designers who wants to showcase own design.


Gumtree has become another household name for selling virtually anything online. It follows the normal buy and sell proceedure, has its own policy for those who register to sell and buy.


Craigslist is segregated into areas, and you have to choose the area you want to operate in. However this is exactly like the others in other area, you list your goods with the price you want for it.


Bookscouter is as the name sugest is only for books, both new and old books. It allows buy back like Amazon, although the price you buy back is usually lower, and it might pay you to sell on other avenue, if you get a higher price.


Zazzle is renowned for custom shirts, prints, mugs, cards clothing , gifts and much more.


Etsy is for selling and buying handmade goods and craft. Unfortunately, they don’t have good review online.


Where to source for stuffs to sell.

Believe it or not, you can source quality products for resale all over, even from places you do not think possible. Some are listed here. Please note that this list is not exhaustive.

The Wholesale Forums: (TWF)

The wholesale Forums is where you regsiter to receive updates on good quality goods from vetted wholesalers, and a source of products that you can easily sell online. Registration will help you avoid scams and middlemen which have plaged retail businesses for a long time. You can also get branded goods like Nike, Addidas and other top brands. There are also cosmetics, perfumes, clothing,  indeed the list of the products is endless. Registration is free to this website. However there’s a paid subscription which will help manage your online retailing business better.

Wholesale deals

The is another portal where you can source products in large quanity for retail online. This exactly like The Wholesale Forums, so you must do your reasearch very well to know which one is for you to join. They deal in wide variety of goods too, and also vett their sellers before presenting  to the list.

UK business forums is another wholesaler site that you can source your products to retail online. This is also a membership site, and you will need to register to take advantage of the services.

Charity Shops

If I tell you that you can source high quality designer brands at Charity shops, especially the top brands like British Heart Foundation, Sense, North London Hospices, Oxfam and many others, you will probably not believe it. Both old and new Charity shops are good for high quality designer products.


What makes your products stand out?

Good high pixel shoot – is essential to showcase your product. This must capture at a neccesary angle to show important details like the styles and or pattern, if present.

Reasonable pricing

It is important for you to be competitive if you want to sell online. It is always essential to check what the others are selling it for, and within your pricing, you can determine whether you want free postage and packing to be inclusive. Free P & P helps sales, as buyers do not usually want to bother with P& P in many cases.


Can you be bold enough to give guarantee on your products, like an authentic brand for instance. If you are selling a top brand like NIKE for instance, then give a guarantee of its authenticity, and people will be able to  compare the prices with the originals elsewhere. There’s no point selling fake brands cheap, only for buyers to receive before discovering that it is fake. I said it earlier, do not even attempt to sell fake brands at all, either online or offline. It is illegal, and you can be arrested and prosecuted, because brands also buy to test who is polluting their brands, and always reasy to prosecute as a deterent to others.

Return Policy

Your return policy is one way of building trust. If you are sure of the quality of your products, then your return will be non-existent or negligible. So it is important to have a clear cut return policy where money are paid back to the buyer as soon as good are returned, with no question asked.

A standard return policy is usually WITHIN 14 DAYS OF RECEIPT, and if goods are returned in a saleable condition, no question about prompt repayment.

Invest in the know how.

Take your online business further by learning the nitty gritty of online business. There’s a portal where you can even start for free. and learn how to start making money online.

Get the necessary education and empower yourself. You will be glad you did.


Setting long term goals





It is often said that you must be focused on your long term goal to achieve the desired result, This is very true especially in online business. However no one is asking if the long term goal is realistically set. We all know that the five function of goal setting is S.M.A.R.T. It is important to set an achievable goal, to propel yourself forward in the right direction.  If a goal is not ACHIEVABLE, it makes you lose your zeal, which means your passion to succeed online cools off. Unfortunately it is this kind of attitude can kill enthusiasm for life.

Action expresses priority

Initially when you begin an online business, you are all fired up, all eager to achieve the desired result, you were excited about that goal, and woke up every day with purpose and passion. But because of time has passed and no visible result, or  have experienced disappointment,  then the excitment ceases, and loss of enthusiasm. Are you in this sort of situation? I want to tell you today that online business requires lots of patient, focus and persevearance, a dedication that aims ONLY on the desire to suceed.  Without this desire, you are not going to make it in online business, or any off line business for that matter. This is because most start up is faced with challenges, and only the persevearance and committment you put on that will help you not to be a quitter.

The truth is that most life can be routine, so it is up to us to keep things fresh and vibrant. We have to put in more effort to stay passionate, a little more to keep the flame burning. Do not let the fire burn out, stay passionate about your dream to succeed in your online business. So it is important to stay focused on taking the right action that will move your business forward.

Our greatness is in being able to develop ourselves

This what Gandhi said regards individual learning core. It is important to be able to discipline and devop yourself to that level you want to attain. This is because we all have the capability to succeed, and indeed but the variation in time and speed depend on the effort one is able to put into what is needed to succeed. The most important is to know that it is possible to succeed online if one is able to put the needed effort. And this is the time to join million others suceeding online.

Naturally before you succeed, you must know WHAT TO DO, how to go about things, and not waste time on un-neccesary and unrelated issues. That is where training comes in. The next question is WHICH TRAINING? This is a good question because there are many online claiming to be first class where there are ‘DONE FOR YOU’ templates to follow etc. These sort of claim negate hard work and effort, which is crucial to all success. And that is the reason why I WILL only recommend those traning that goes to the core of good old hard work towards your success.

Affiliate Marketing is a three way route of trying to monetise your passion thus:

PASSION – NICHE – WORK – MONEY   = information + knowledge + understanding

It teaches that if you have a passion that you love, you can look for ways to monetise it, by developing it in away that others are willing to pay for it. This can be from products to services you offer, and which you have packaged well to make it attractive to those willing to pay for it. All over the internet, you will see adverts of several ways of monetising your passion, but you can get lost in the sea of several proposals.

As with anything of value, you must give yourself the opportunity to succeed, HOW, by getting the best education out there, with that you move forward with hope, never out of fear. And then you can think critically.


Align your future with the best

The number one success online is to align yourself with the best educators out there. Those who have the proof of success and the record show it, not those who make promises, which can hardly be fulfilled. With online business, it is something that you cannot do alone. It is a business where you need a mentor, someone to guide you in the right direction, someone to hold your hand, someone you can mimick its footsteps. That is why I will only recommend the best, one of the few with records of successfully teaching others how to succeed online.

To be a success  in online world and give yourself competitive advantage, you have to understand the rule of the game. You have to follow the required training, as online world is a very competitive environment.. Your training will empower you so that you make fewer mistake, (as mistakes are bound to happen). So continuous learning is the central key to success. This is because CHANGE IS ALWAYS CONSTANT, so you must be prepared to be flexible, ready to learn new things, and most importantly follow and act on the training.

The internet provides new opportunity to malke money online, because of the purchasing power of people. Online purchases have virtually taken over in all commodities, even in a service sector, if an organisation does not have online prescence, then it is not going to make any money, which is a very hard fact.

A grand opportunity for everyone

What are you doing about this huge opportunity readily available to anyone? I recommend that you get in line as soon as possible. Get yourself the needed training, flow with the like minded who are passionate about succeeding in their respective online business. Educate yourself with the greatest, give yourself the priviledged advantage by choosing the best training portal out there. More than a million individuals interacting and learning from each other. The most vibrant online training community, you just cannot do but succeed. What is more, you can start free for at least a month, giving you a feel of what it is like inside before you finally commit yourself. You can start here now.