Making your online business successful

Like all things in life, there are proceedures to follow for ultimate success, so this early in the year I want to talk about the science of success, so that when we follow the rules, we are assured of success. Often you read the stories of those who make it big online, those with huge income like Russell Brunson of the CLICK FUNNEL FAME, howbeit, there are many small players as well, who make sustainable income online, enough for them to work for themselves and create a desirable life they want.

I am saying this to encourage whatever we want to do, in a small step, sizeable way, to focus on these small steps to achieve our independence. There are basic rules, which can be analysed as follows:


Creating a succeessful online business is a slow growth process, and it does take a whole lot of patient and committment as well as focus. You must believe you are in it for THE LONG HAUL. It is because people are very eager TO GET RICH QUICK ONLINE is the bane of many online scams. A lot believe you can start making money immediately, and hence respond to such gargantuan income offers. These sort of short sighted individuals have unfortunately helped boost online scams, which in UK in 2018 exceeded £300m. Just this week, I answered to a friend request from a gentleman (so I believe) from USA, and the next information he was sending me is how he can help me get $50,000 US Government State Fund for small business, despite the fact that he is aware I do not live in USA. I simply answer him that I don’t believe in FREE lunch.


It is important to focus on what you want to do first and foremost. Focus involves WRITING DOWN your plan of action, as well as documenting on the STEPS to carry out such plans in an itemised way. This gives you a big picture of what needs to be done at a particular time. This plan has to be achievable, depending on your timing and routine. This means you have to be realistic with your plan, and be consistent, with your success as a goal. It is important to work on your business DAILY, not here today, gone tomorrow. The mistake a lot of us make in online business is you need to work on it alongside perfecting the system. It is not something you take study for, and wants to know everything before you start implementation. It is during the implementation that you learn the lesson, and from the mistake you make.


If there’s anything at all that requires serious investment in oneself, it is in making success of your online business. This means you do not want to navigate the ocean of uncertainity by yourself. You want to leaverage on the success ofthose who have made it online, and tap on their knowledge. That is what you are paying for by getting a mentor. Mentorship/Coach IS NOT CHEAP, but you gain a lot by making less mistake and attaining success faster than you would have done without a mentor. So you realise that this sort of investment is worth it in the end.

Another investment you can make is reading good quality books relating to what you need to learn on your niche. Read online review on Amazon to get a feel of the good ones, and also look at what you can get on ebooks, as they are a lot cheaper, and you can save a lot of money by substituting ebooks for physical ones. Unfortunately I an not an ebook person, so most of my books are physical ones. However it is worth to know that continuos learning is central key to success, because things are changing in relations to customers and ways of serving them, so keeping yourself updated will ensure you be in the know.


Making your health a priority is about one single wise advice that will guarantee you success in your online business. We have heard it said several times that health is wealth. There are many proven self help that you can use to enhance your optimum health while working hard on your online business. When you are fit, hale and hear, it is easier to work longer hours to meet deadlines, and do whatever needs to be done within the time specified. You must not overdo things though.

Another important issue regards your health is taking a well deserved rest is part of online success. Working yourself to stress level, and NOT taking a break is detrimental to your health, and of course business. Eat healthily and sleep well, taking cognisance that all these contribute to a healthy lifestyle. In this area, you definitely cannot compromise.


The most important aspect of attracting success in life is to be able to GIVE VALUE to your customers. The more helpful you are, the more your business will be successful. This is the law of life, of returning to you in hundrefolds what you put out. Endeavour to investigate what your customers needs are, and how best to meet such needs. Business success is not all about money and affluent, but more of rendering value. This you need to keep at your mind always. Provide and exceed your customers’ expectation.


This is bane of success. Are you willing to share part of your profit with one or two charitable organisation? Most successful people are being driven by purpose, the purpose to reach out to the less priviledge members of the soceity. Even if you are not yet there, it is good to have in mind what your kind of charity will be, what kind of involvement you will have with the less priviledged members of the soceity. A great man who once lived said. ‘YOU WILL ALWAYS HAVE THE POOR WITH YOU, SO OPEN YOURSELF TO THE POOR’.