Top 3 Challenges Faced By People Starting Online Business

There are many challenges facing people who want to seriously pursue online business, and I want here to highlight just three important ones to ‘battle’ if you really want to be successful in the online business world.

Lack Of Focus

There are many aspects of online business, and after you have done your initial assessment and determine the one that suits you. It is important that you stay focused on THAT ONE UNTIL YOU SUCCEED. This one singular issue is responsible for most failures. Why is this? Because the internet is huge with various distractions, from one project to the other each promising gargantuan and ready income streams. So if one is not really focused, disciplined and committed to the chosen niche, one can easily be distracted. This wanting to be part of a new scheme is called FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). It is easy to want to believe that a particular scheme will give the needed stream of income than the one you are currently on, so you jump into that, and so on and so forth.

However, it takes considerable time for one to develop anyone opportunity to mastery and perfection for it to be a sustainable business opportunity. But because one is constantly being bombarded with different and new opportunities, there’s a tendency to believe one will make money faster. Scammers know this, and they use it to the full. They come with their so-called ‘SHINNY OBJECT’, and false promises, then they present something that will work for a while before they disappear not to be heard of.

Online Business Success

Another problem here is that if one doesn’t start to make money immediately, there’s a tendency to have little faith in the chosen one, so that sort of increases ‘the shiny’ object drive all the more, shifting your focus again from your main pursue. Unfortunately what is happening here is that the less focused you are to your chosen to niche, the more difficult it will be for you to develop it to what will generate income for you. So I will advise you to carefully chose your NICHE, stay with it to mastery, know all you need to make your niche successful before you embark on another project. The more projects you have on hand, the less it will be for you to make any of it successful. That is what lack of focus do for online business. Remember he who chases after two rabbits catches none.

Unrealistic Expectation

Today’s trend is to get things done quickly, as people have less and less time for important things in life. These quick fixes have unfortunately robbed into an online business. Instead of systematic dedication and planned actions, people believe in magic formulas to generate success online. Let’s face it, anything that is worth it’s while needs time to take up groundwork, and generate success. Online business is no different.

Another important thing is to know is that it will take you time, depending on how much time you are going to commit daily to your online work, to know the gritty nitty of your chosen niche. Although there are many mentors out there, these will only teach you what to do. Until you TAKE MASSIVE ACTION and do them yourself, nothing will happen. And you must remember that there are learning curve as well. You need time to understand what is being taught, apply it, make some mistakes before the real mastery. If unfortunately, you have an unrealistic expectation of your result, you are likely to ‘abandon the cart before the checkout’.

Low-Level Activity

Someone once cautioned against ‘bareness of a busy life’. This means getting busy at low-level activities. What do I mean by low-level activities? Well you on your PC, if what you are doing has no relations to your online business, instead you are responding to non-business emails, checking on your horoscopes, playing games, chatting over Skype etc. Before you know it, you are tired, and you go to bed. This sort of low-level activities continue day in, day out for days, months and years, and nothing is being done on your online business.

My coach once advised me to delete all unnecessary emails at the start of a coaching lesson. The time spent on emails can be considerable if you think of today email marketers, you can get up to one hundred or more emails a day. So dealing with each one of them can take considerable time out of your main goal of online business.

The best way to leverage your time is to have a daily plan of action to follow. You must do high-value work and activities first thing in the morning when the brain is fresh. This means work considerably on your business first, until you are due for a break. If you come back from the break, and you still feel like continuing with your high-level activities on your business, then go ahead, until you feel, you should call it a day on high-level activities. After this, then you can relax on low-level activities like Skype to chat with your friends, check and respond to emails and play games, watch TV or movies online.

Actually, you should work on online business daily no matter what instead of saying several hours once or twice a week. An online business needs consistency and dedication, especially at the initial outlay when the business is at its onset. This is what you need to work on, daily with a systematic plan, and focused action until you attain mastery in the business. Achieving mastery means the business is well on the path to giving you the needed streams of attainable income I can say, this may take between two to three years, if not more to achieve the desired result.

How To Overcome The Challenges?

Overcoming the challenges is very easy. I say this because online business these days offer many opportunities of mentors, coaches and other tutors, who have worked the path, and can easily show you the direction. This prevents you swimming un-aided in the ocean of the unknown.

Wealthy Affiliates University provides easy step by step online business course from the beginning to choosing a niche, developing a website, and marketing your online business. There is also a month free starter, to test the waters so to speak, and determine whether it is something you want to do before you committ yourself to it.