The attraction of affiliate marketing




Affiliate marketing is one of the surest way to make passive income online. Affiliate marketing is where you get commission for promoting others’ products, that is (goods and services), for those that are bought through your marketing effort.  Affiliate commission is usually predetermined when the contract is signed up. The easiest way to promote the products is through your own personal website.

Identify your NICHE

To be successful in Affiliate Marketing, as in all things, is first of all to identify your passion. What are those things that you love doing that it will not seem like work , those issues that flows naturally and resonate with your soul. That is your NICHE.


Integrated Coaching

Build a website

Now that you are able to identify your niche, you are able to build a website along that passion, writing out contents that convert, giving out informative and useful contents. The usefulness of the contents keep readers coming back to your site.

Look for profitable affiliate products

To be able to make money through your website, you must find appropriate affiliate manufacturers and merchants, to register with.  These must be relevant to your niche. On approval, you are given a link. Your and you can always review and recommend products via your websites. Those that are interested can purchase the products via this link on your website, and you get your commission.

Build your email list

Having appropriate email list is a quicker way to build your customer base. These are your readers who wants to have access to your regular contents, and those recommendations you have on offer. An email list is ultimately equivalent to sales in the long run, if you know how to apply it.

Contents that convert

Writing contents that convert on your website requires you to use SEO tracker. This means in essence that your contents will attract the required search from Search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.  The knowledge of this requires appropriate training, and will recommend your start as soon as possible with a free starter membership with Wealthy Affiliate University. 

You will not regret taking this important step. All blessing to you.

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  1. Hi,
    Great information about affiliate marketing.I always thought that starting an online business was difficult. Mainly because the thought of building a website seemed difficult. But you really break everything down in a very simple manner. I checked out this wealthy affiliate program you recommended, and it seems interesting. How supportive are the members within the community when it comes to helping those just starting out? Actually i have a aim to earn handsome income via niche affiliate marketing that’s why i’m searching many informative sites only for this purpose just like yours and this one also revglue(.)com/blog-detail/29-how-to-make-money-everyday-with-a-niche-affiliate-website.These guys also provide everything on a single platform and i’m thinking to use it . What you say ? If you have any idea or experience about this site please share with me . This will help me a lot thanks.

    1. Many thanks Peter, as rightly said the future is online, and I will be sending you a link directly in your email. In this community, you can actually have a free trial that gives you a preview of what it is like. I must confess to you that online success involves a lot of regular but consistent hardwork. If you do decide to join, I will be able to support your progress. Please look out for my email. Best wishes always.

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