How to build your website

We mentioned earlier that in that the training and resources you get in Wealthy Affiliate University is enough to empower you to build your website yourself, no matter your level of education. You can even be so good to become a web designer, build website for others and charge them for it. Your website is your presence, that is tells people out there what you are teaching or reaching out for.8e7ef61658aaf927e05f512769981ee6_1459422694_cropped

Website Building  in WordPress Platform.

WordPress is the most widely used content management framework in on-line world, because it is completely open source. The process are:

Choosing a profitable interest

This is popularly known as your niche. This is something you are passionate about, that resonate freely with you. This is something that others have regarded as your talent, as you are so embedded in it that you can write contents continuously without getting bored. Something that flows naturally with you.

You can develop your niche by looking at your hobby, your passion, the problems at the moment, and trends (can be anything that is currently making waves that you feel you need to contribute).

When you choose your interest, then ask yourself this question –

  • ‘Do people spend on it?’ If people spend on it, then you are in a way to make money from your website. If not, then is it something that you can drum up people’s interest to spend money on ?
  • In this your niche, are there products to promote enough to make it all worthwhile? Many people are ,making money on-line, and you too can again if you are ready to commit to things learnt.




4 thoughts on “How to build your website”

  1. This post addresses what can be the most difficult and the most important decision for many people – what niche to choose. The questions at the end of the post will help many to find their road to a profitable online business.
    Thanks , Steve

    1. Thank you Steve, you are right, so many out there want to, don’t know how to, and we have to provide the training.

  2. Thank you very much for sharing this post. I have been interested in building a website and doing an online business for a couple of years but I didn’t know how to do that.There are lots of get-rich-quick scheme but I couldn’t trust any of them.Earning money cannot be that easy.
    I ran across Wealthy Affiliate by chance and I thought that it was the right place. I have been in this great community for five months. I followed training and videos and I have learned a lot and I made my dream come true.Now I have a website.I highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate…

    1. Thank you for visiting our website. We are happy that you are part of the Wealthy Affiliate Community, that is why IT IS OUR NO 1 RECOMMENDATION. Also we want to show people out there that making honest money on line is possible, and you can build and manage your website without much ado. We wish you success in your on-line business.
      The Team.

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