How to choose a WordPress Theme

A theme is a framework of your site. Look at a theme as a template for your site. There are several themes out there, free as well as premium. You pay for premium themes of course. We always advice that you start with a free theme if you are building your site for the first time. This is because you will leverage the learning process to choose wisely in subsequent sites that you will be building.

 Professional Website Design

Most of the world’s business is now on-line, which makes a fully functional website a necessity for survival. However building and designing a professional website still cost a fortune, that is why we are recommending THIS COMPANY for a cost effective solution, should you consider to have a web designer.

A website is essential for your business

THIS COMPANY has over 10 years web design and marketing experience with SME (small & medium enterprises), individuals and clubs. You can have a fully functional, easy to run, multi-page sites, designed with hosting, e-mails and domain names if you really want something quick and good.

2 thoughts on “How to choose a WordPress Theme”

  1. Is this really going to show me how to build up my own website or it is just the same old story like telling me how you made it through the word press? Well also if this is true, I hope it will help a lot of people decide on the best on-line people decide on the best on-line business.

    1. Thank you for the email. This is real, if you are ready to work hard, and follow instructions
      offered in Wealthy Affiliate University. The training has helped loads of people, and that is why
      we are recommending it.
      Thank you.
      Ditchninetosurvive Team

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