This is a third party organisation that stores your websites, and serves people quickly and efficiently that visits your site.  A good website must be easy to navigate, with good speed, or loading time.


This is one of the best Domain Name registration, very reliable and gives you all the best function you will ever expect from a Domain Name Register. What is more, you have access to use their C – Panel for your email direct, this means you can always use your domain specific email right from the very first day. This is not possible with others, that is one reason I recommend NameCheap for your Domain Name Registration. You can get SSL Certificate

Your site must teach and educate. Remember people come your site looking for information. Ensure that you provide it. In Wealthy Affiliate University all is available for you to build a successful website, and that includes hosting. You can access SiteDomains Platform here.

Choosing a Domain Name  

Choosing a Domain name is as important as your passion (NICHE). You want to choose a  DN  that goes along with the intention of your website.  Your Domain Name should be KEY WORD RICH, the one that describes your NICHE. A good  typical example is, if you want to educate about weight loss programmes, you want to choose a Domain Name like:

  • weightlosswith—–.com,
  •, or

What type of Domain ?

It is best to get a dot com, as this indicates branding to search engines. With a dot com Domain, and good contents you will rank higher and get more opportunities.

Creating Readable Content

Readable contents keep visitors to your site, wanting to engage further. High readership leads to more traffic giving you high SEO. Paragraphs must be small, with appropriate topic, contents must be brief and teachable, You can achieve  tremendous success if you can generate a lot of traffic to your website.

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