How to build your vision

We all need to have a clear vision of what we want, for our lives. We want the good things of life, without the modern day slavery of of debts, i. e. credit cards, loans and mortgages. We do not need the hassle and pressure of job that is too overbearing, and detrimental to our health, but rather we look forward to a good vacation, opportunity of travel and see the world, as well as live a modestly comfortable life.


All these are not going to happen if we sit in our comfort zone, and not have a plan to better our future. A recent report indicated that more office and retail job will be outdated or lost, as more purchases and activities are done on-line. The only people who will survive are those who are self employed in their business.images (4)To build your own vision, you need to have a plan of what you enjoy doing, what are you passionate about, or kind of your niche. Visualize yourself in say a decade’s time, where do you want to be, and what are your core values?

Life without direction is life wasted

The worst thing one can do is do nothing. Life can easily be better if appropriate steps are taken, which leads us to the fact that there must be a clear direction to be able to know what to do, where you are going, and how to get there.

Pen your dream
Pen your dream

There’s a chance for everyone in this life, but the fact remains that people who make it TAKE ACTION, whereas the others just engage in BLAME GAME, blaming others and circumstances for their failure. Let us look at ways to build your vision:

Setting goals
Setting goals

Good education

A good education or training on what you want to achieve is crucial to your success because what you know helps you become creative and innovative. Luckily there are vast opportunities to improve on your current knowledge.

Right attitude

Having a right attitude plays a major role in your success. How do you see yourself achieving your goal, likely to or not able to? Are you positive about your goal? Whatever you believe about yourself is right, because that is the direction you will go.images

Being focused

Knowing what we want paves the way to action. Many people try out things or follow others, only to realise that such is not right for them.

If you are focused and know what you want, trials and failures will only make you more determined and dedicated, not loose confidence one bit, because you know that is only part of the journey.

Avoiding shortcuts

Shortcuts and easy money of the GET RICH QUICK syndrome are not the right way to success. Patching up can be a short term solution, but you cannot build your solid future on short and patchy anything, as it will fail.

images (2)

You can achieve a lot more by a slow and steady progress,and not by being prefect, as there always opportunity for improvements. Who we are and how we perceive everything are all connected.

Unfortunately until you have a clear vision of what you want in life, you are prone to being tossed about.



2 thoughts on “How to build your vision”

  1. The power of vision is the greatest in building a future and here on this website you map out the road on how to build that vision. Without a vision one follows other people’s vision and because it’s not their passion the workplace becomes an unhappy place to be.

    I believe knowing what we want and then being totally focused and taking action leads us to the manifestation of the vision.

    Many a time some believe in short-cuts but short-cuts are a waste of time and sometimes extremely costly. Laziness is not the way to go. There are places like Wealthy affiliate that show the proper way to bring a vision into focus.

    I really enjoyed and learned a few tricks from reading this post.

    Thank you


    1. Absolutely Danielle, anyone who wants success in online business needs to focus, and have enormous amount of perseverance, but the good thing is that online success is possible with the right determination and training. That is why we recommend Wealthy Affiliate over and over again as the right online training platform. Thank you for visiting our website.

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