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Safest Investment, highest returns





For a considerable long time, getting rich used to be via regular savings. I can point out to a very popular book, of which millions were sold then, titled, ‘THE RICHEST MAN IN BABYLON’ by George Samuel Carson advised to save a whopping ten per cent of what is earned. Based on this advice over the years, people were able to enjoy luxurious retirement based on a fall back on their savings.

High inflation, low interest rate

Unfortunately, with the current trend of high inflation with low interest rate, people’s savings have been eroded, and the people begin to doubt the benefit of savings. So most supposedly smart investors move to assests, like stock, shares, properties, gold, silver, cooper and other commodities.

While some of these other commodities do make some positive change, that is they do appreciate, most also do depreciate. The high flunctuation in people investment give rise to Financial analyst and advisors who charged considerable amount of money for their services, promising to help you and me increase our investment in real terms. What are these financial advisors charging for, expert advise based on knowledge which their education has afforded them.

Smartest & safest investments require knowledge.

This means in real sense, to make a safe and smart investment that will endure time, requires knowledge of the market, knowledge of the economy, knowledge of the fiscal policies across the global market, and a whole lot more. Someone with the right knowledge can make money with minimal investment and reduces his risk because he can find the right kind of opportunities.

That is why I say the smartest and safest investment is on yourself. Invest in yourself and in your own learning, your own education, and your own experiencing. These are rich resources that cannot be eroded away from you, or that which you cannot loose. So you thereby give yourself an added advantage. Coupled with that knowledged, you must be ready to be  flexible, you must move with the trend, because you are in a position to advance yourself with minimum disadvantage

Smartest & safest investment is in trainers who deliver what they promise.

In the game of life, not everything goes according to plan, that is the reason to learn to be flexible, ready to adapt, and not be rigid, and learn to change your strategy according to the need of the moment. Just like savings, benefits are being eroded, so much so is brick and mortar business. You read it everywhere, and also being aired on the radio all the times, shops are closing down, high street is no longer what it used to be, all because of people’s purchasing power. The shift and trend is now online. More than ever, the focus of people buying is online, and he who does not want to bend must break. Such is the real life and focus that we are in. And the good news is, most online business require minimal outlay, in comparison to brick and mortar business. Also you can always start your online businesss part time, and continually grow it until you are confident enough to face it full time. Such is the beauty of online business

Do away with your fear.

What on earth is making you NOT to jump into the boat, and start your own online business, if I may ask? Perhaps fear of the unknown. Fear of losing the salary, that is so regular, and bills have to be paid. I can well understand that, but look at it this way, imagine you are fired today, or made redundant, and suddenly you found out that your job is no more. What then are you going to do? I really do not need to remind you of the fact that your job barely covers your expenses anyway, so the more reason you need to start on something much more realistic that will give you an edge over the coming years, something to call your own, something to make you much more independent, and allow you the freedom you deserve. The time is now, to call that short off your boss, the time to take the opportunity with both hands, and define your own future, instead of letting someone else, your boss for instance define it for you. Do do away with your fear and start now, because until you start, you are never going to be know what it entails, until you start, you are never going to know how pleasurable it can be to own your own online business, and you will never know how happy that can be.

The trend today is online business, but you have to follow the right kind of education, the right kind of mentor. You follow those who have done it successfully before, who knows what they are talking about. When you look online, there are so many types of fraud, even in training people are claiming to be what they are not, promsing you gangartuan result, just to make you sign on, and part with your hard earned money, and without impacting on any kind of knowledge. What you need to look for are trainers with results, and authority. Trainers with the right kind of encouraging community.

Wealthy Affiliate University

Wealthy Affiliate University provides one of the best online business training, covering all that you need to drive your online business to success. With online comunity of over a million members, interarcting and learning from each other, you are sure to succeed if you follow the training, and carry out the required task  religiously. The most important issue here is you have your goals, you know how to get there, and you work hard at it.

Here at Wealthy Affiliates, you have all the support you will ever need for a successful online business, and the variation is so wide that you can get to choose, which part of online business you want to stick to. Also there are mentors who themselves start from the sctratch, and they know what they are talking about., You can get all the encouragement you will need.

You also have an opportunity to start free, a kind of taster membership, to give you a peep into what it is being done in the world number one online community. Start here now, as tomorrow many be too late.

Top reasons why some fail in online business





Despite the huge success in online business for vast majority of people, some still experience failure. Here are the top reasons this is so:

Lack of confidence

Some people lack that confidence both in themselves and in the business. This could be due to inadequate preparation and lack of objective, direction and goal.

This also has to deal with low self esteem, negative attitude and mindset.

Some people cannot deal with failures, not realising that failures is actually part of success, good if you learn from the failure and take it as part of success.

Lack of patient

Most people who fail in online business lack the perseverance in online business. It takes time for the business to work. It is definitely a ‘get-rick quick’ one, so your focus must be on long term one. Online business is one of slow-growth business in the world, so you must be prepared to ditch your ‘get-rich quick’ mentality for a slow, but steady and sustainable growth. Do  not cut corners, not short term loopholes, but rather long term sustainable strategy.

Lack of commitment

Most do not realise the huge commitment for online business to succeed, and that it does require real hard work. Without real commitment and hard work, that success will be elusive. Rather have a realistic goal, and plan of action to follow through.

There can be lack of motivation for success. To succeed online, one needs to be driven by purpose, and be hungry for success, and never give up, even under very tough business situation.

Find a mentor

People try to do things in the way they believe or hope things will work out.  This unfortunately does not work in online business. It is essential to invest in training programme, and walk the trusted path of successful other online entrepreneur. Do not be afraid to invest in training resources and learn from others, thereby you minimise your risk of failure. Get  top training programme here.

Also invest in technology and spend money to aid your business growth. Learn from the right people, who create the success and have results. Listen, give away and build others up. Keep up learning and improving by the day.


It is easy to get distracted by the ‘shinny object syndrome’ in online business. These are marketers who wants to scam you by offering you what supposedly is a good investment. Always read others review on such products. Better to be focus and allow minimum distraction. Changes are constant, so be ready to adapt and accept changes that come with innovation. Be creative and have basic common sense and intelligence.

Fear of Rejection

There’s  some who think too much about what others think of them. They want others’ approval, and are too ashamed to reject low quality business proposition.


The attraction of affiliate marketing




Affiliate marketing is one of the surest way to make passive income online. Affiliate marketing is where you get commission for promoting others’ products, that is (goods and services), for those that are bought through your marketing effort.  Affiliate commission is usually predetermined when the contract is signed up. The easiest way to promote the products is through your own personal website.

Identify your NICHE

To be successful in Affiliate Marketing, as in all things, is first of all to identify your passion. What are those things that you love doing that it will not seem like work , those issues that flows naturally and resonate with your soul. That is your NICHE.


Integrated Coaching

Build a website

Now that you are able to identify your niche, you are able to build a website along that passion, writing out contents that convert, giving out informative and useful contents. The usefulness of the contents keep readers coming back to your site.

Look for profitable affiliate products

To be able to make money through your website, you must find appropriate affiliate manufacturers and merchants, to register with.  These must be relevant to your niche. On approval, you are given a link. Your and you can always review and recommend products via your websites. Those that are interested can purchase the products via this link on your website, and you get your commission.

Build your email list

Having appropriate email list is a quicker way to build your customer base. These are your readers who wants to have access to your regular contents, and those recommendations you have on offer. An email list is ultimately equivalent to sales in the long run, if you know how to apply it.

Contents that convert

Writing contents that convert on your website requires you to use SEO tracker. This means in essence that your contents will attract the required search from Search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.  The knowledge of this requires appropriate training, and will recommend your start as soon as possible with a free starter membership with Wealthy Affiliate University. 

You will not regret taking this important step. All blessing to you.

Starting an online business





According to recent statistics released by Forbes, up to 79 million people worldwide will start their own online business within the next five years.

Forbes Statistics

Why an online business?

You may wonder why this is so, is it because that is the trend for future entrepreneurs , as many now realise that Artificial Intelligence is making many jobs obsolete. However starting anything new is not that easy, but can be done. Here are the tips to make starting easier:

Do away with your fear

It is Ralph Waldo Emerson that says ‘FEAR IS YOUR ENEMY’ , simply because fear can hinder your progress, especially fear of failure. Another fear is wanting to start when conditions are ‘prefect’. The great Book, THE BIBLE says, if one waits for a prefect condition, one will never get anything done. So the advice is just get on with it,  grow, learn and develop as you go along.

Information overload

This is the age of information, so it it can be sometimes difficult to be able to sift through all the information out there.  You can spend a considerably length of time on those information that are not relevant . This where training can become useful, knowing what is needed from those that are not.

Have a goal to work with

Draw out your goal, and plan how to go about fulfilling them . A study shows that those with goals and map out plans are more successful than those without. This is simply because they have something to work and look forward to, which is the motivating factor.

Create your own online business

Your online presence

How do you want your online business to be? Definitely among the best or top ones, earning a reasonable income and making an impact. That is where I will always recommend Wealthy Affiliate University as a top training portal that is second to none. It meets all you will ever need to be successful in your online business, but the rest is up to you really, if you want to take up the challenge. 

Future job market





Today’s information and technology age obviously alter the direction of the future. This is especially true in terms of jobs and employment. We have heard about artificial intelligence  or robots taking over many jobs, thereby reducing and enhancing those jobs available for human to do.

The Trend Today

This is not new. Years ago, we the saw the threat of jobs was technology, or machines where a single machine can conveniently perform task of several  employees.

Today, we look at the threat of automatic driver-less cars replacing taxi cabs, newspapers and its delivery moves online, 3D technology can see the end of construction and engineering jobs, online direct booking for hotels and flights already saw the decline of High Street Travel Agents.

The Way Forward

Two top London Economist have already predicted the decline or total elimination of most jobs, example a profession like Accountants will partially if not totally eliminated with the development of software like Quick Books doing most of the necessary calculation, including taxes payable.

The only way forward definitely is starting you own online web based business, even alongside your current 9 – 5 job, and start to grow it until it can sustain you totally.

To do that you need a training that is adequate, and complete for all your web based business. Today, Wealthy Affiliate University is about the best online training available for that purpose. You can register free to see what is all about, alternatively, a premium membership tat will give you full access including hosting and free website development course cost $49.00 a month, (a lot cheaper if you pay yearly).  See what this is all about here.