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Like all good things in life, there are rules and procedures to follow for ultimate success. So I want to ask you, do you know what you want to achieve in life? Do you know how to go about it? Today, I want to talk about the science of success in online business.

This is important so that when we follow the rules, success is sure to take place. Creating a lasting and sustainable income online is a slow growth process, takes a whole lot of patience, sacrifice and commitment.

The first thing is to document your dream into a plan of action and follow through those plans, consistently and with focus. You also need to develop the needed confidence that only you can help achieve your dream, you are responsible for your success.


Your vision is what you want to achieve, and how do you want to go about it? Ask yourself, what you need to do differently to what you have already been doing. These questions need to be addressed in order to create a workable solution.


In teaching yourself, all the essential skills you need to succeed. In doing this, you need to remember that some of these skills are acquired, which means they have to be paid for. This brings me to the next one.

Invest In A Mentor

It was Tony Robbins who once mentioned that, if you want to succeed, follow the path of those who have.

Follow the path of success of those you want to emulate.

It is therefore important for you to invest in a mentor, be ready to be teachable. This means you must follow the plan of actions religiously, and not looking for short-cuts but rather interested in building something long-lasting.

This brings me to what mentoring organisation to recommend that has stood the test of time., cheap and genuine in teaching you all that you need to know about online business.

I can only mention WEALTHY AFFILIATE UNIVERSITY, so enrol, which you even do free of charge for a month, before you even commit yourself.

What Is Your Vocation?

Wikipedia defined vocation as ‘AN OCCUPATION TO WHICH A PERSON IS SPECIFICALLY DRAWN, OR TO WHICH THEY ARE SUITED, TRAINED OR QUALIFIED.’ This gives an idea of what you think you are specifically drawn to. Dale Carnegie once said that:

‘People hardly succeed unless they find fun in what they are doing’

So what is important here is the suitability of what you want to do. Most people are drawn into one form of a business model or the other, simply because of the huge financial benefits, without considering whether this is the sort of business model they want to operate for the rest of their lives. Now we must remember Abraham Maslow accentuation of needs, perhaps when the money now comes, they will no longer enjoy what they are doing, and will have to sell off.

Vocation Lays An Obligation On A Person

Having a vocation lays enormous responsibility in a person. This is because one has to struggle to claim the victory. Such struggles involves ability to succeed by ensuring adequate training, putting efforts to ensure success, unremitting persevearance and ceaseless dilligence. Such obligation is fuelled by purpose, purpose of your commitment to your family, to others you want to treat or bless, and to yourself to live your dream lifestyle. We can now look at each of these individually.

How seriously do you take up your obligation
How Seriously Do You Take On Your Obligation?

Adequate And Relevant Training

If you believe in your calling, you will want to ensure you are adequately prepared for the challenges ahead. And one way of doing that is to ensure you look for an institution that can well support your desire to be the best you can in that field. The same is true for your online business. In fact, online business education is even more important now than ever. Why is this? There are too many bubbles out there, bubbles and babblings, scammers and achievers are both promising gargantuan streams of income, some within a short time of your joining their scheme or training. This makes it important to get training to know where you are going, and how to get there. Like all things, it is initially difficult, but with training, you are now master. You are able to navigate your path, choose the type of online business that you believe it is your calling, and stay focused until you are completely fulfilled.

Putting Out All Effort To Achieve Success

Once you know what needs to be done, it is then left to you to put effort into what you are doing. And most importantly remain focused. Diversion and distraction are the killers of online business success. This is because there are many what we call ‘SHINY OBJECTS’, and unless you are committed and believe in your calling to a particular niche, it is often easy to get distracted.

Putting out all effort means to follow closely the guideline of your mentor and training programmes. Work at least consistently and every day in your online work. Get help and instruction on those dodgy areas, until you master them. Ask question until you are satisfied, be inquisitive to whatever is in the way of your understanding. Before you know it, you are getting there, and in better shape too.

Unremitting Perservearance

I will tell you one secret today, online business is one of the slowest growth out there. Do not believe those who tell you that you can make millions in a few days. This is the sort of story that people want to believe, and this is what scammers use to enrich themselves. People believe in such stupid story as a rotator that will give them organic traffic, allow them to sell whatever, and make huge profits. They are all lies, online business success needs perseverance. It does take time to register your online presence, for people to know and recognise you, and build up confidence enough for people to be able to part with their money. Also, your online activities will be closely monitored, and reviewers will scan you, so to say before that confidence is achieved. All these do take time to build up.

The good thing about all these is that you are assured of success if you stay true to your calling (niche) until you reach your goal (success). In fact, if you are serious about online success, it is one sure way to live your dream lifestyle.

Ceaseless Dilligence

Online business success requires honest and persistent, uninterrupted effort to achieve success. This effort is directed towards a clear understanding of what you are doing, and what is required. This you would have obtained from training and mentoring. You develop your creative output alongside others that you emulate and are proud of. This also means never giving up, working tirelessly, with all positivity and encouragement you can master. Such is the life of an online worker. So do not allow anyone to deceive you that these are what you can easily scale through. It takes time, effort and of course ceaseless diligence to succeed online.

Set Yourself Free

Set yourself free from living lives of mediocrity, live your dream lifestyle. Remember if you are gifted, you can do something to improve on such a gift. Do not bury your talent, nor trifle with the high mission awaiting you. the high mission of taking control of your life and your success, and those around you that God has put along your path to bless. Many are doing it, and you too can do. But you must try. Start a free starter course programme now.

Social Media Marketing

Are you a network marketer relying solely on social media for sales? You need to think again. Why is this? This is because up till recently most social media engagement has been deliberately reduced. For an average marketer, you would have noticed: 

  • Pages not loading 
  • Replies not posting
  • Adverts not showing
  • Organic readability & reachability of posts, blogs, and adverts are now greatly reduced. 

For marketers that rely solely on sales from social media platform, could cost them a lot of sales, and therefore money. And that is the reason for this blog. To warn my colleagues to wake up to what they should be doing, rather than rely more on social media for sales and profit.

Borrowed Assets

Have you ever wondered what could happen if you are trading on a borrowed asset? It is very simple, because one day, the owner will come, demand his asset and pulled the plug on your trade. That is exactly what is happening now with social media. I was reading an account of a ‘Shopify’ owner whose website was suddenly closed by ‘Shopify’ for violation of TOS of ‘Shopify’. So it becomes obvious that platforms like ‘Shopify’, WIX, SQUARESPACE, JIMDO & WEEBLY are those types of websites that you can build on so-called borrowed Assets. A plug can be pulled on you anytime, and the earlier you start thinking about that the better. The future profitability of your business will depend on it.

Now to my earlier point as a network marketer, what are the more reliable assets to build your business upon?

Email List As A Trusted Asset

I am sure you would have guessed about what I am going to say here. The importance and value of your email list cannot be overemphasised. This list consists of people whom you have their permission to ‘invade’ their personal privacy, send messages, show them your products and offers, and even ‘SELL’ to them. isn’t that a wonderful thing? 

Unfortunately, most of us undermine building a personal email list, for one reason or the other. The important issue about email list is that if someone has purchased from your list, the person has trusted you enough to part with his money, and is likely to buy from you again. Your email list has, therefore, become very invaluable personal asset, which used wisely can actually increase your online profit. If you are not building your email list at this stage, you should be doing it right away.

How To Build An Email List

To build an email list, you need to produce a ‘bait’ to lure potential customers whom you want their email. How do you offer a bait? Originally, affiliates will write reviews and just ad a link of the products to their review. However, that method is faulted because there could be potential customers who will read the review, buy products, and exit your website without you collecting their email address.  Your goal is to collect the email address of anyone that visit your website, but HOW? In this method that I am going to describe, you will have ‘a downloadable free gift’ on offer. This offer must be something relevant to your niche, and of value, enough to lure anyone who visits your website to want to part with his/her email address. The offer will only go via their email address, giving you an opportunity to save the email address.

Offer – you must have a unique product or services to offer, really tangible and unique, that aligns with market demand.

Collect – ‘qualified’ list of those who trust in you, and look forward to learning from you and what you have to offer.

Develop – the trust and confidence in each customer to make them want more of whatever you have on offer.

You build your list from scratch, you offered, they opted in because they want to learn more.

Lead Magnet – Key To Successful List Building

Your lead magnet must be relevant to the niche you are promoting. It can either be a special report in a downloadable PDF format or a video tutorial that goes straight into the ‘prospect’ inbox. The video must be high-performance visuals. A lead magnet must be free, and you must use a different landing page for different offer and markets.

Put Customers At Ease

There are lots of scepticism in online business that you need to do more to gain the trust of your prospects. You do this by putting the following in your email list: 

Physical Address – (this is mandatory under USA law), and the majority of your customers will come from the USA market.

Contact Details – phone number, Skype and email address. The issue here is to make easy for those who want to contact you and get the response.

Your Recent photo – indicates who you really are. Your photo indicates you are a real person, not a ghost, and are willing to share your photo with your list to determine your authenticity. This goes a long way to put the contacts at ease.

Terms Of Service – you must write out clearly your terms of service, no spam and are willing to respect your lists’ privacy.

Testimonials – will be good if you have one as this will further reinforce your authenticity. If you are just starting out, of course, this will not be there. Nevertheless, you can start out well and trust that as time goes on, your happy customers will be more than willing to give you written and or video testimonial.

Make It Simple 

The design of your lead magnet, from opt-in form to conversion must be simple in its entirety. Actually, Alber Einstein said’ IF YOU CANNOT EXPLAIN IT SIMPLY, YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND IT’. Only ask for email address, as that is the only thing you need, and for which people are willing to pass willingly. Research indicates that those landing pages with only email address request convert more.

Boost Your Conversion

You must be ready to boost your conversion by providing a personal touch and engaging your list regularly. You provide what is going on around you and your niche, and generally about the online world. There’s no need for you to start selling immediately, you only want to build rapport and trust at this stage.

Nothing Is Plain Sailing

Like all things of value, it takes its time, its learning curve as well as bumpy ride. What is important is that you remain focused, and don’t give up. Focus on your good strength and capitalise on it. Do not give room to negativity. Take one small baby step at a time.

Top 3 Challenges Faced By People Starting Online Business

There are many challenges facing people who want to seriously pursue online business, and I want here to highlight just three important ones to ‘battle’ if you really want to be successful in the online business world.

Lack Of Focus

There are many aspects of online business, and after you have done your initial assessment and determine the one that suits you. It is important that you stay focused on THAT ONE UNTIL YOU SUCCEED. This one singular issue is responsible for most failures. Why is this? Because the internet is huge with various distractions, from one project to the other each promising gargantuan and ready income streams. So if one is not really focused, disciplined and committed to the chosen niche, one can easily be distracted. This wanting to be part of a new scheme is called FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). It is easy to want to believe that a particular scheme will give the needed stream of income than the one you are currently on, so you jump into that, and so on and so forth.

However, it takes considerable time for one to develop anyone opportunity to mastery and perfection for it to be a sustainable business opportunity. But because one is constantly being bombarded with different and new opportunities, there’s a tendency to believe one will make money faster. Scammers know this, and they use it to the full. They come with their so-called ‘SHINNY OBJECT’, and false promises, then they present something that will work for a while before they disappear not to be heard of.

Online Business Success

Another problem here is that if one doesn’t start to make money immediately, there’s a tendency to have little faith in the chosen one, so that sort of increases ‘the shiny’ object drive all the more, shifting your focus again from your main pursue. Unfortunately what is happening here is that the less focused you are to your chosen to niche, the more difficult it will be for you to develop it to what will generate income for you. So I will advise you to carefully chose your NICHE, stay with it to mastery, know all you need to make your niche successful before you embark on another project. The more projects you have on hand, the less it will be for you to make any of it successful. That is what lack of focus do for online business. Remember he who chases after two rabbits catches none.

Unrealistic Expectation

Today’s trend is to get things done quickly, as people have less and less time for important things in life. These quick fixes have unfortunately robbed into an online business. Instead of systematic dedication and planned actions, people believe in magic formulas to generate success online. Let’s face it, anything that is worth it’s while needs time to take up groundwork, and generate success. Online business is no different.

Another important thing is to know is that it will take you time, depending on how much time you are going to commit daily to your online work, to know the gritty nitty of your chosen niche. Although there are many mentors out there, these will only teach you what to do. Until you TAKE MASSIVE ACTION and do them yourself, nothing will happen. And you must remember that there are learning curve as well. You need time to understand what is being taught, apply it, make some mistakes before the real mastery. If unfortunately, you have an unrealistic expectation of your result, you are likely to ‘abandon the cart before the checkout’.

Low-Level Activity

Someone once cautioned against ‘bareness of a busy life’. This means getting busy at low-level activities. What do I mean by low-level activities? Well you on your PC, if what you are doing has no relations to your online business, instead you are responding to non-business emails, checking on your horoscopes, playing games, chatting over Skype etc. Before you know it, you are tired, and you go to bed. This sort of low-level activities continue day in, day out for days, months and years, and nothing is being done on your online business.

My coach once advised me to delete all unnecessary emails at the start of a coaching lesson. The time spent on emails can be considerable if you think of today email marketers, you can get up to one hundred or more emails a day. So dealing with each one of them can take considerable time out of your main goal of online business.

The best way to leverage your time is to have a daily plan of action to follow. You must do high-value work and activities first thing in the morning when the brain is fresh. This means work considerably on your business first, until you are due for a break. If you come back from the break, and you still feel like continuing with your high-level activities on your business, then go ahead, until you feel, you should call it a day on high-level activities. After this, then you can relax on low-level activities like Skype to chat with your friends, check and respond to emails and play games, watch TV or movies online.

Actually, you should work on online business daily no matter what instead of saying several hours once or twice a week. An online business needs consistency and dedication, especially at the initial outlay when the business is at its onset. This is what you need to work on, daily with a systematic plan, and focused action until you attain mastery in the business. Achieving mastery means the business is well on the path to giving you the needed streams of attainable income I can say, this may take between two to three years, if not more to achieve the desired result.

How To Overcome The Challenges?

Overcoming the challenges is very easy. I say this because online business these days offer many opportunities of mentors, coaches and other tutors, who have worked the path, and can easily show you the direction. This prevents you swimming un-aided in the ocean of the unknown.

Wealthy Affiliates University provides easy step by step online business course from the beginning to choosing a niche, developing a website, and marketing your online business. There is also a month free starter, to test the waters so to speak, and determine whether it is something you want to do before you committ yourself to it.

Making your online business successful

Like all things in life, there are proceedures to follow for ultimate success, so this early in the year I want to talk about the science of success, so that when we follow the rules, we are assured of success. Often you read the stories of those who make it big online, those with huge income like Russell Brunson of the CLICK FUNNEL FAME, howbeit, there are many small players as well, who make sustainable income online, enough for them to work for themselves and create a desirable life they want.

I am saying this to encourage whatever we want to do, in a small step, sizeable way, to focus on these small steps to achieve our independence. There are basic rules, which can be analysed as follows:


Creating a succeessful online business is a slow growth process, and it does take a whole lot of patient and committment as well as focus. You must believe you are in it for THE LONG HAUL. It is because people are very eager TO GET RICH QUICK ONLINE is the bane of many online scams. A lot believe you can start making money immediately, and hence respond to such gargantuan income offers. These sort of short sighted individuals have unfortunately helped boost online scams, which in UK in 2018 exceeded £300m. Just this week, I answered to a friend request from a gentleman (so I believe) from USA, and the next information he was sending me is how he can help me get $50,000 US Government State Fund for small business, despite the fact that he is aware I do not live in USA. I simply answer him that I don’t believe in FREE lunch.


It is important to focus on what you want to do first and foremost. Focus involves WRITING DOWN your plan of action, as well as documenting on the STEPS to carry out such plans in an itemised way. This gives you a big picture of what needs to be done at a particular time. This plan has to be achievable, depending on your timing and routine. This means you have to be realistic with your plan, and be consistent, with your success as a goal. It is important to work on your business DAILY, not here today, gone tomorrow. The mistake a lot of us make in online business is you need to work on it alongside perfecting the system. It is not something you take study for, and wants to know everything before you start implementation. It is during the implementation that you learn the lesson, and from the mistake you make.


If there’s anything at all that requires serious investment in oneself, it is in making success of your online business. This means you do not want to navigate the ocean of uncertainity by yourself. You want to leaverage on the success ofthose who have made it online, and tap on their knowledge. That is what you are paying for by getting a mentor. Mentorship/Coach IS NOT CHEAP, but you gain a lot by making less mistake and attaining success faster than you would have done without a mentor. So you realise that this sort of investment is worth it in the end.

Another investment you can make is reading good quality books relating to what you need to learn on your niche. Read online review on Amazon to get a feel of the good ones, and also look at what you can get on ebooks, as they are a lot cheaper, and you can save a lot of money by substituting ebooks for physical ones. Unfortunately I an not an ebook person, so most of my books are physical ones. However it is worth to know that continuos learning is central key to success, because things are changing in relations to customers and ways of serving them, so keeping yourself updated will ensure you be in the know.


Making your health a priority is about one single wise advice that will guarantee you success in your online business. We have heard it said several times that health is wealth. There are many proven self help that you can use to enhance your optimum health while working hard on your online business. When you are fit, hale and hear, it is easier to work longer hours to meet deadlines, and do whatever needs to be done within the time specified. You must not overdo things though.

Another important issue regards your health is taking a well deserved rest is part of online success. Working yourself to stress level, and NOT taking a break is detrimental to your health, and of course business. Eat healthily and sleep well, taking cognisance that all these contribute to a healthy lifestyle. In this area, you definitely cannot compromise.


The most important aspect of attracting success in life is to be able to GIVE VALUE to your customers. The more helpful you are, the more your business will be successful. This is the law of life, of returning to you in hundrefolds what you put out. Endeavour to investigate what your customers needs are, and how best to meet such needs. Business success is not all about money and affluent, but more of rendering value. This you need to keep at your mind always. Provide and exceed your customers’ expectation.


This is bane of success. Are you willing to share part of your profit with one or two charitable organisation? Most successful people are being driven by purpose, the purpose to reach out to the less priviledge members of the soceity. Even if you are not yet there, it is good to have in mind what your kind of charity will be, what kind of involvement you will have with the less priviledged members of the soceity. A great man who once lived said. ‘YOU WILL ALWAYS HAVE THE POOR WITH YOU, SO OPEN YOURSELF TO THE POOR’.