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How to protect your privacy online

Protecting your identity online is as important as your personal and business success.  The explosion of over 2 billion online users make it imperative to protect your identity from being misused.

IP Address

You probably already know that all computers have IP address, so that when you visit a website, the owner of the website can track your online activities through your IP address. This can be your login details, website performance, shopping preferences etc.  Indeed Pokemon Go and other games collect real time GPS information to track every location you visit. All IP addresses are logged into the website servers. Your IP address can reveal your details like your country, or even an area where you live.

Update your privacy setting regularly

Anonymous Proxy Server (APS)

If you do not want to be tracked while surfing, the best way to do it is to obtain an anonymous proxy server that stand in the gap between you (that is your IP Address) and the websites you visit. This standing in the gap can only be temporary, as all proxies are eventually blocked. This means if you are using APS, this needs to be updated regularly.

Protect yourself online

Update your privacy settings regularly

Updating your passwords and other privacy setting will minimise your risk of being prone to hackers. Ensure that your passwords contain combination of upper, lower case, numbers and special characters. Do NOT use the same password for all your internet activities, and ensure software  are updated regularly.

Be discreet about your personal activities on social media, do not flaunt your wealth.