E Books

Electronic books or, eBooks as they are popularly called are books written in digital forms, and can only be read in flat panel digital platform or online.

The explosion of digital books and its various reading platforms have increased numerous interest in authors of eBooks, as they have minimal production cost, and do not take up any storage space.

You can do it.

A large percentage of people now read eBooks  more than physical books. This is because they are easily accessible via various digital readers which can be carried virtually anywhere to enjoy.

This means YOU CAN MAKE MONEY BY WRITING eBooks. If you have a particular knowledge which you want to share, and it is educative enough, people will buy.

Selling your eBook

You can sell your eBook directly to the public, on your own platform, (you will need your own website to do this). You can also sell through a publisher, which means you will only be paid royalty for sales. The publisher will make your eBooks, and market them on various platform to increase sales.

2 thoughts on “E Books”

  1. Thank you for valuable information on the website. May I add the fact that there’s an opportunity in writing eBook, which can be turned into either a free or paid course, branded and offered to the public. This have two advantages of branding, and impacting knowledge. as well as bringing in revenue.

    1. Many thanks, Rizwan. Yes you are right about all the benefits eBook can do. As long as the information on the eBook provides value to your readership, they will buy or download it for free depending on the avenue, you want to use to introduce yourself. Definitely branding makes you stand out as being unique, but you have to make sure of yourself and what you offer. I am happy that you already know that making money online is possible if you are serious about it. I am happy that a website like ours now provides that opportunity for anyone who is determined about making money online. I wish you the very best always.

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