Future job market





Today’s information and technology age obviously alter the direction of the future. This is especially true in terms of jobs and employment. We have heard about artificial intelligence  or robots taking over many jobs, thereby reducing and enhancing those jobs available for human to do.

The Trend Today

This is not new. Years ago, we the saw the threat of jobs was technology, or machines where a single machine can conveniently perform task of several  employees.

Today, we look at the threat of automatic driver-less cars replacing taxi cabs, newspapers and its delivery moves online, 3D technology can see the end of construction and engineering jobs, online direct booking for hotels and flights already saw the decline of High Street Travel Agents.

The Way Forward

Two top London Economist have already predicted the decline or total elimination of most jobs, example a profession like Accountants will partially if not totally eliminated with the development of software like Quick Books doing most of the necessary calculation, including taxes payable.

The only way forward definitely is starting you own online web based business, even alongside your current 9 – 5 job, and start to grow it until it can sustain you totally.

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