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Having your own personal domain name registered is an important part of an online  business. This is because you will be able to develop your creativity and or products online, based on your own perception.

Done for you website

You have often come across various adverts, offering ‘DONE FOR YOU WEBSITE’ added.  The flaw of this kind of website is that you do not own it, and therefore you cannot develop it, or collect any statistics on it.

A  domain name is the ‘fixed asset’ of on online business. You can hardly see anyone succeeding without  having a website. Build up your website, register your domain name, direct traffic and sales, collect lists of any size. The list of what you can do with your own website is endless. Take example of two unemployed guys in 2004, who develop for people to upload their videos free of charge. Two years later, these two guys sold it to Google for $1.76 billion. That is the power of owning your website.

The worth of your domain will keep increasing, even if your website is not making any money on the whole. Consider the big retailers, they do not make money on all their products. They make on some , and lose on others, but they still leverage on all to make some sizeable profit.

Social Media Presence

The value of your website will increase if you have an active social media presence. Learn how to actively do this with an online tutorial. Buy and Register your domain with SiteDomain free of charge as long as your enrol for an online course with Wealthy Affiliate University. 



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