Graduates doing menial jobs

Higher education statistics in UK recently reported that more than 50,000 graduates are now doing menial jobs, like waitresses, supermarket shelves fillers and other jobs that do not actually require that much education.

This is a worrying situation, not only for graduates and their families, but to everyone of us here in UK. These graduates in menial jobs took the jobs to avoid unemployment and try to do their little part for their families after huge student loans to repay. It is unfortunate that higher education and employment market do not seem to match. Even in high skill courses like computer studies, the rate of unemployment is still high.

More than a third of 18 – 35 year old who went to university say they regret it due to debt. Just under half believe they would have got their current job without a degree, says a study by AVIVA.

‘Debts for life’ – Undergraduates from poor families will be set up with a lifetime of debt after the replacement of grants with loans took effect on Ist August 2016, critics warned.

Some undergraduates who previously qualified for £3,500 will be put off going to university now that they have to repay the money, said the National Union of Students. ‘It’s a disgraceful change that punishes students simply for being poor’ said NUS vice president Soriana Vieru.

Why not work for yourself?

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Unemployment is all over the world

Believe it or not, graduates unemployment is now rampant, with the developed countries leading the way. Statistics show us that the wise are taking the way out, by setting up their online business, moving to other less developed countries to find work – mostly teaching jobs, or looking at taking in menial jobs to other to eat.

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