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www.ditchninetosurvive.com is owned by Gloria Bennett (UK) Limited, a limited liability company registered in England, with registration number 06505463.

This company is passionate about investigating various on-line business opportunities and highlighting only the good ones, thereby minimising scammers’ action.

Gloria Bennett (UK) Limited currently has two directors, the majority shareholder and CEO is Lanu Adepitan.

About Lanu.

My background is in Applied Accounting, and has worked as a professional Accountant before venturing into internet marketing when I realised the FUTURE IS ONLINE, and it is something I can retire into.

Lanu Adepitan


This NICHE of making money online is a very popular one. I realised very soon that there are many scams, as there are good and viable opportunities. One issue stands out very clearly though, MAKING MONEY ONLINE IS NOT A GET RICH QUICK SCHEME. I am still surprised people still fall into promises of gargantuan wealth within a short time.

This website was started to highlight these opportunities, and to minimise scammers’ action. As in all profession, there are bad people, so the onus is on the buyer, ‘LET THE BUYER BEWARE’.

Definitely money can be made online with home based business, and you can live the live of your dream by working at home, but it does take dedication, perseverance and hard work, but if you choose a NICHE that resonates with you, it will not be like working, you will enjoy every aspect of the journey.

2 thoughts on “About us”

  1. As with most things in life, hard, smart work is the key to success. Also the only way to fail is to quit, nothing good happens overnight. There will be lessons to be learned, sometimes the hard way, but if you keep pushing on you will be able to succeed online. As Lanu says find your passion and it will be fun !

    1. Thanks, Mike. You are right, its better to work smart in all ways, and get a good mentor-ship and training programme that together will deliver the result.

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