Home based flexi jobs



There are many home based flexible jobs that you can do to complement your income, or do in such a way to replace your 8 – 5 job.  By home based flexi jobs, I mean making available your skills so that you can earn a considerable income from home. These are:


Do you love writing, then there are many online based avenue to perfect your skill as well as make your content available for cash. Do check: writer.net and caroltice.com

Newsletter Publisher

Contrary to your belief, this is a relatively easy thing to do. You should start by reporting on your local news and getting people to comment. Its cheaper to start an online services to report this.  Always show interest in what people say, and answer all enquiries and questions. This way you get people interested in your report.

As your readership increases, you will be able to take advantage of online adverts to supplement your income.  Check on emailuniverse.com for further details.

Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistants are a kind of independent flexible workers that remotely work online to support clients with administrative and other office work. Check these out: ivaa.org, assistu.com

Online Tutoring

Online tutoring remain one of the most lucrative online business. Do you have a skill, and are able to teach it in a very simple but systematic manner, then you will be able to succeed in online tutoring. Check on udemy.com that can packakge your turing ideas and can also market it for you.

Personal Business Coach

Most business fail because people have not bothered to learn the nitty gritty of it.  If you really have an idea that you think you can develop into a business, the best thing is to get a business coach, who is versatile and can steer you in the right direction. That definitely is the right way to go about it to minimise your business failing. Check; coachfederation.com ,coachville.com

Currency & Stock Trading

Although currency and stock can be volatile, you can get a coach and tutoring to be able to  trade successfully. In deed most trading platform now have software, that can predict the movement of the market to give you leverage on your trading. Try etoro.co.uk which is regulated by FCA here in UK.

Caution: Trading  in currency and stock, in deed any form of trading is a very volatile business. You should take precaution, and not expose yourself too much until you are confident in it.


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