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Starting home based online business today is a lot more easier and cheaper than years back. This is because of resources available today, which obviously make online business more profitable than before.

Why online?

The future is definitely online because of the trend of people’s purchasing behaviour, so if you have a day’s job, it is even good to start thinking about operating online business to retire into, and the earlier you start, the better. Today, and in future, virtually everything will be done online, so take your share of the billions of pounds of online business.


Build Your Online Success

Online Success

To succeed online, you need the required training. Online business is the one that you cannot do alone, where you definitely need guidance and direction. Start your free online training here.

The many facet of online business

Fortunately, there are many aspects of home based online businesses, you have to choose the one that resonates with you. These are:

  • eCommerce – selling products, (which can be branded or not) online. This can be via other marketplaces like Amazon, Shopify, eBay, or via own eCommerce website specifically developed for the purpose. This training is also available as stated above.
  • Website designer – here you learn to build various websites, and either sell at Flippa.com or build to clients’ specification.  To be successful in this require knowledge of Search Engine Optimisation(SEO), which will enable traffic for the websites. This training can also be acquired at the free online training stated above.
  • Online courses – both virtual and via video are very lucrative. There are special platforms that support online courses like Udemy and Linda.com. These platforms have easy to use interface that makes teaching very pleasurable and lucrative.
  • Affiliate/ Internet Marketing – where you promote other people’s products and or services, and get a kind of commission. Affiliate marketing is one of the most lucrative online business.

Have a goal

Set yourself a plan of action, and follow through, liaise with like minded online community, get the success you deserve, and turn your dream into reality.



4 thoughts on “Home based online business ideas”

  1. Hi Lanu,
    I have to agree with you that the future is online. Opportunities are ripe in the online space. You make a good point that it’s something you can continue (or maybe even start) in retirement. Working from home on a business of your own can be so rewarding. I like your message!

    1. Many thanks, Linda. I am happy that you realise the huge potential in online business. People do not even wait to retire to get online, it can bestarted alongside one’s day job. I will encourage everyone to tap into its potential.

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