How to achieve financial freedom in 2019


I am writing about 2019 because this year is almost done, and although it is still possible to start something this year, the effect will only come out in 2019, hence the topic indicated 2019.

Three powerful ways to achieve financial freedom in 2019

Learn the way of success

What do I mean by this? It was Tony Robbins who advised that If one is interested in being successful, it is important to learn from those you termed or deemed to be successful. This means you have to engage in a training program to help you achieve and implement those successes. The world of digital entrepreneurs is so massive these days that you have to be careful where you tread to be able to choose the right one for you. I noticed when I started my digital journey in 2016, I soon observed that there are many scams as there are good opportunities online. Scammers are having their field days, so are genuine entrepreneurs.

Choosing your training program will depend on your NICHE, and what you want to achieve. For each niche, there are hundreds if not thousands of ways from different coaches all over the world. You must remember that this is an age of information, and you have a responsibility to read reviews of the ones that catch your interest, and also note what those who have gone undergone the training program have to say about it. Luckily you will find reviews on good ones, as there will be others promoting them.

What will make one a good mentor? – read what others are saying about him – what are the reviews on this particular coach, what are his method, and how is his own business doing? All these are easily verifiable online. Also, take time to read more about his students too. All these indices combined together will give you a direction of who should be your own mentor and coach.

Invest in your yourself

This self-investment should not be taken lightly, it is ONE THING THAT CANNOT BE LOST, even if your business if not doing well. Most people take investment in themselves lightly, giving one form of excuse or the other, the common one being it is expensive, and so they cannot afford it. What you don’t understand is that investing in yourself actually save you money in the long run, by not spending time and money on unprofitable schemes, what we term ‘shiny objects’. You may ask how? – by navigating you towards a road that is sure to bring in success. Getting there with the right knowledge is the important, quicker and surer way towards your online prosperity.

The right education teaches you the roadless travel, which is important, as regards what to ignore. The most profitable and evergreen niches, what type of adverts to follow, how to present yourself on social media and much more. You are practically held by hand to show you the path. And I can tell you that there are coaches who will not hold anything back, teach even with a guarantee of success. How about that? A coach that promises to pay you three times your fee back if you don’t make money from his tuition. These are the sort of investment you need to make on yourself, on your life to free yourself from debt, live your life to the full, call your own shots and travel the world and be financially free forever.

Be Teachable

What does it mean to be teachable? It simply means TAKING ACTION on things learnt. The knowledge they say is power, but only if one applies the knowledge accordingly. If you are given a course of action and plans to follow, but you do not implement them, then you are not going to benefit from the knowledge imparted. So in a nutshell taking action is very CRUCIAL to your financial success in 2019. There are some people that go from one program to the another, one training to another, using various tools etc, but when it comes to taking the required action, they lack the courage or discipline to do so.

What might cause this, you may ask? Some say fear of failure. One should not let fear of failure get in the way of one’s success. All the three required action above is actually to keep failure at bay, and that is why one needs to take the three steps and rightly too because by taking up the three steps seriously, failure will not surface. Being teachable again is NOT getting distracted but focus on your goal. You can get distracted by shiny objects and get rich quick scheme, which is actually setbacks when you think about it.

Next step

What then is the next step to know how to go about it. The first step is to determine your niche, your niche is a section of the online business you want to concentrate your business on. Then you will be able to work progressively when you know where you are going, and what to focus on. Again the most important thing is to take action on your plan, on things learnt, and on the training implemented.

New to the online world? Then what you need is simply teaching that introduces you to online education, in all its ramification. That is where Wealthy Affiliate University comes in, This is an online training portal that teaches you how to implement from start to finish and get successful online.

What does financial freedom mean to you?

And finally, you need to have the patience for your business to grow. Online success again is not a get rich quick scheme, but a regular passive and sustainable income that will give you the needed financial freedom, if you take the above three action and implement by taking action on things learnt. With confidence, I can tell you that you that 2019 will be a year in which you will remember as turning your life around, where you are gradually being free from debt, and live your life to the full.

4 thoughts on “How to achieve financial freedom in 2019”

  1. Thank you for laying out a nice plan of action to achieve financial freedom in the new year, Lanu. I started my online venture a couple of years ago, like you. And I too went for Wealthy Affiliate to learn all there is to learn about online business and marketing. Having experienced the teaching expertise of the founders and of the community, I can quite safely confirm that Wealthy Affiliate are by far the best on the market, when it comes to finding a platform where to learn online business from.
    But the other point I loved about your article is your recommendation to invest in yourself. You are right, sometimes you can get lost in menial efforts, which will cost you money and time to little or no avail. Wisening up to the business is key to becoming successful online, but I guess it also comes with time and experience.
    Thanks again Lanu 🙂

  2. I think the last part may be the most crucial point you touched on here and the one I often have the most trouble with! Patience. I tell myself all the time be patient and follow the plan. But then there I am checking numbers on my business every day and sad they have not jumped from one day to the next. How do you help to maintain your patience in business development? Any great tips that can help me get over my “need for immediate results”?

    1. Well Christina, I believe what you lack is understanding what an online business is. It is NOT A GET RICK QUICK SCHEME, a slow growth one that needs time to develop, time for people to find you and trust you online etc. But there are many coaches these days that are accelerating results, but they are expensive. I said to myself, if I could pay few bucks to get good result, why should I not go for it. There are ways of fast results these days, go for it, a bit expensive but worth it. Best wishes always.

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