How to make money from your photos

There are loads of people, especially web developers searching on-line for photos to use in their projects. Contrary to popular belief, not all those photos you see on-line are actually free to use. Many of them are under ‘copyright law’ and you can be prosecuted for using them, especially if they are used in a profitable venture.Flower power

People therefore are ready to pay for appropriate photos to use on their on-line projects. This is where DigicamCash comes in, by enrolling with them, you have a system that allows you to upload your photos on-line, so that when they are downloaded, you get paid per download. The more people out there download your photos, the more you are paid per download.

You will be taught the best system of how to get a high resolution photos people will love, via a photo tutorial video guide plus much more other opportunities that come through this system.

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Trick photography & special effect

Trick photography is the ultimate guide of tricks, techniques and ideas that create mind blowing twisting images.

Light exposure portrait
Light exposure portrait

Evans Sharboneau will give an eBook together with video tutorial that shows you the coolest stuffs you can do with a camera without the technical jargon associated with it.

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Develop Awesome Nature Photography

Landscape Presets are software that enhances the quality of landscape photos. This is because digital photos of even the most beautiful landscapes need some work in post processing.

One click presets
One click Presets

Landscape Presets bring out the best in nature photography and your works will be able to sell more because of its high quality resolution.

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