How to start a t-shirt company

Millions all over the world own and wear t-shirts. T-shirts is being worn by all classes of people, popular among them is Mark Zuckerberg, the co-owner of facebook, and Simon Cowell of the popular BRITAIN GOT TALENTS & X-FACTOR. That is how t-shirts are popular.

Imagine owing and running your own T-shirt company, with your design, selling on your own platform, and on your own terms. All these are possible with a company we will introduce to you. will introduce you to a company that will teach you how to run a successful t-shirt company.

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How to start successful import/export business

The world really is a global market economy, and manufacturing in developing countries for developed economy has now become the norm because of cost of production.

Big brands like Apple, Walmart, Adidas all have their manufacturing base in developing countries.

You can learn how to start your own business importing from Third World. will show you what they know from 30+ years in the successful import/export business. finds that this require dedication and hard work, but which will eventually be beneficial. This can work for the person ready to put all effort into it. 

Computer health business

PappaPC is a computer spyware and virus removal home based business you can do on your own. There’s a software that cleans and removes spyware and virus, and this is something you can easily handle at home yourself, set your own pricing on your own terms.

There’s a lot of demand than you can ever handle because of the recession, people are wary of disposing their computers, but looking for people to sort out the mess in them to be able to continue to use.

Here you easily make huge annual income, if you work on it full time to sustain you, and obviously less if you do part time. but we assure you that this is a business that can easily sustain you if you work hard at it. Click here for more information.


Laptop repair made easy

This is a complete training video in high definition teaching you step by step guides how to successfully repair laptop for profit.  Laptop repair business is huge multi-billion pounds industry, and you will never lack customers.

You can also buy damaged laptops for peanuts, and repair to sell for profits. The opportunity here is endless. Get information here.

Computer System Optimiser.

All in one system optimiser suite get you a faster cleaner,longer lasting PC, stops PC crashes & freezes.

  • Power  computer doctor.
  • Best registry cleaner software.
  • Optimize windows.
  • Fix computer errors.
  • Speed up your PC.
  • Make your PC run like brand new.

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Ditchninetosurvive recommends these three because of the huge potentials, and for almost zero start up. This can be hugely successful if you apply yourself diligently to it.

Forex Trendy

Forex Trendy is a cloud based currency market trading software, that keeps track of all major world currency to analyse the trend which will enable a player make informed investment decision on own trading platform.

Here is an e book in case you need more information about currency trading. ForexTrendy

The major advantage is that it is user friendly, and you get update email alert on trends. Forex Trendy offers 60 days money guarantee.

The major risk is the same as in all trading, extreme caution is needed for high and lows of currency fluctuation, that requires vigilant trader to minimise loss and maximise gains.

How to do on-line survey

Completing on-line survey is another way of making passive income at home. The major disadvantage is that the pay out is usually small, and will not sustain you. This is because it requires minimal skill, and all that is expected is to answer the simple questions to the best of your knowledge, and you have to be truthful, as responses are geared towards advertisement and direct sales.

If you are in partnership with another with a good income, the little trickling  in from on-line surveys can be a good addition to the whole.

Get into signing up with several of the big brands and corporation, that are willing to pay for your opinion.  will only recommend those survey sites that are FREE to register and complete. Any survey site that demand money for registration should create a red alert, and you should never attempt it. mac-459196-work-from-home

  • Not exhaustive list).
  • I – Say – is very simple to enrol, and you can get up to £10 a month if you are consistent.
  • Global Test Market – pays through PayPal or High Street Vouchers. Typically a survey costs £1.20.
  • Swagbag –  pays by point which is convertible to cash.
  • Vivactic – pays by PayPal. Typical survey is £1.
  • Opinion Outpost – pays by Paypal. Typical survey is 50 pence. PopulusLive – pays by cheque only when you get to £50. Typical survey cost £1.