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RATING :  4 out 5 

Profit Squirrel is A LEADING MATCH BETTING training company that said to guarantee you winning at at least five hundred pounds a month from match betting. This it said is through RISK FREE match betting.


PROFIT SQUIRREL – Let’s make money.


Match Betting as opposed to GAMBLING is a system of using mathematical  calculation (now through software) to place number of bets in order to minimise losing out on a bet.

NOT entirely Risk Free

Although Chris Haill, the founder mentioned that match betting he teaches is RISK FREE, I want to tell you that it is not. This is because, your winnings, that is your success is being continuously tracked by Bookmakers, and they will see your betting pattern. that you only bet on free offers or price boost,  This can get you banned, or your account restricted.  So you have to deliberately play some losses to satisfy Bookmakers.

Why is Match Betting Different from Gambling?

As mentioned earlier, if you follow the rules cleverly, you might escape being banned by Bookmakers, while still making substantial amount of money match betting. However with gambling, you are supposed to LOSE in the long run. Gamblers lose money, even their winnings are soon gone with further gambling, with apology to gamblers.

Why United Kingdom only?

Chris Haill emphasised that players of the Match Betting in Profit Squirrel game must be UK RESIDENT. Why is this? After all, any online business should be done anywhere in the world.

Match Betting can only be done in any Betting Exchanges where it is available, but not all countries of the world do have Betting Exchanges. He also emphasised UK Residency so that players can claim the FREE TAX that is available to UK players. Tax free because that cash is coming from Bookmakers, so are not taxable.

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Can you make money with Profit Squirrel?

Yes, definitely, that is if you understand and follow the training enough. Learning the intricacies is definitely what you can profit on. This website recommends you register and can make money online with Profit Squirrel. You can register here.


4 thoughts on “Profit Squirrel Review”

  1. This is something that I have never heard of but it is a gambling website. But like you said in the post gamblers always end up losing in the end. Profit squirrel may help you win some but the advantage would be to them or they couldn’t stay in business.

    1. Thank you Fred, Match Betting tht Profit Squirrel teaches IS NOT GAMBLING. Match Betting is a leveraging you bet between two outcomes, so that it evens out, in your favour. It requires a sort of mathematical software algorithm to arrive at what to bet on. It is quite interesting I must say.

  2. Hello Lanu,
    Very interesting concept – this Profit Squirrel thingy. I have never heard of it, and maybe more so because it is UK-based. Have you tried it? Did you make any substantial ‘earnings’? Would it be something you would recommend for a few dollars/gbp to be gained?
    Just curious.
    Thnx for the information.

    1. Yes, Mitchelle, tons of people make small but regular money on it, like from 500 pounds and above. It requires a bit of dedication, like all others online work though. It depends on how far you can go. The training from Profit Squirrel is only for betting exchanges in UK, so is NOT applicable to other betting exchanges in other coubtries, who might have a different rule. Also those betting exchanges in UK, might not want to register on international cross countries, I suppose.
      Thank you Mitchelle for your interest.

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