Redundancy looms for Tesco training & recruitment staffs




Tesco, one of the giants supermarket in UK is contracting its training and recruitment to outside independent consultants, and its staffs are furious.

Change is constant

Everyday more and more jobs are being threatened either by Robots or changes to how jobs are perceived and or executed.  More and more are now being done online. Online grocery shopping in UK has taken over the physical one, and so it is for many others. This can only mean one thing, get ready for this change, but how?

The surest way to embrace change is to be ready for it, by educating yourself for whatever you need to do. Fortunately this sort of education is also available online. This means it does not have to disturb your current employment. Learn at your own pace and time. All you have to do is to create time for it, yes out of all your busy schedule.

Wealthy Affiliate University

Wealthy Affiliate University is probably one of the best training platform for all is happening online these days. The first is to have the needed education, which will allow you to branch out to an area that interest you. What’s more, you have thousands of others interacting and learning from each other, so you can never go wrong. There’s a free platform which will cost you nothing for joining, but obviously to benefit fully from all online courses will require your further commitment but it all depends on you.

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