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Are you a network marketer relying solely on social media for sales? You need to think again. Why is this? This is because up till recently most social media engagement has been deliberately reduced. For an average marketer, you would have noticed: 

  • Pages not loading 
  • Replies not posting
  • Adverts not showing
  • Organic readability & reachability of posts, blogs, and adverts are now greatly reduced. 

For marketers that rely solely on sales from social media platform, could cost them a lot of sales, and therefore money. And that is the reason for this blog. To warn my colleagues to wake up to what they should be doing, rather than rely more on social media for sales and profit.

Borrowed Assets

Have you ever wondered what could happen if you are trading on a borrowed asset? It is very simple, because one day, the owner will come, demand his asset and pulled the plug on your trade. That is exactly what is happening now with social media. I was reading an account of a ‘Shopify’ owner whose website was suddenly closed by ‘Shopify’ for violation of TOS of ‘Shopify’. So it becomes obvious that platforms like ‘Shopify’, WIX, SQUARESPACE, JIMDO & WEEBLY are those types of websites that you can build on so-called borrowed Assets. A plug can be pulled on you anytime, and the earlier you start thinking about that the better. The future profitability of your business will depend on it.

Now to my earlier point as a network marketer, what are the more reliable assets to build your business upon?

Email List As A Trusted Asset

I am sure you would have guessed about what I am going to say here. The importance and value of your email list cannot be overemphasised. This list consists of people whom you have their permission to ‘invade’ their personal privacy, send messages, show them your products and offers, and even ‘SELL’ to them. isn’t that a wonderful thing? 

Unfortunately, most of us undermine building a personal email list, for one reason or the other. The important issue about email list is that if someone has purchased from your list, the person has trusted you enough to part with his money, and is likely to buy from you again. Your email list has, therefore, become very invaluable personal asset, which used wisely can actually increase your online profit. If you are not building your email list at this stage, you should be doing it right away.

How To Build An Email List

To build an email list, you need to produce a ‘bait’ to lure potential customers whom you want their email. How do you offer a bait? Originally, affiliates will write reviews and just ad a link of the products to their review. However, that method is faulted because there could be potential customers who will read the review, buy products, and exit your website without you collecting their email address.  Your goal is to collect the email address of anyone that visit your website, but HOW? In this method that I am going to describe, you will have ‘a downloadable free gift’ on offer. This offer must be something relevant to your niche, and of value, enough to lure anyone who visits your website to want to part with his/her email address. The offer will only go via their email address, giving you an opportunity to save the email address.

Offer – you must have a unique product or services to offer, really tangible and unique, that aligns with market demand.

Collect – ‘qualified’ list of those who trust in you, and look forward to learning from you and what you have to offer.

Develop – the trust and confidence in each customer to make them want more of whatever you have on offer.

You build your list from scratch, you offered, they opted in because they want to learn more.

Lead Magnet – Key To Successful List Building

Your lead magnet must be relevant to the niche you are promoting. It can either be a special report in a downloadable PDF format or a video tutorial that goes straight into the ‘prospect’ inbox. The video must be high-performance visuals. A lead magnet must be free, and you must use a different landing page for different offer and markets.

Put Customers At Ease

There are lots of scepticism in online business that you need to do more to gain the trust of your prospects. You do this by putting the following in your email list: 

Physical Address – (this is mandatory under USA law), and the majority of your customers will come from the USA market.

Contact Details – phone number, Skype and email address. The issue here is to make easy for those who want to contact you and get the response.

Your Recent photo – indicates who you really are. Your photo indicates you are a real person, not a ghost, and are willing to share your photo with your list to determine your authenticity. This goes a long way to put the contacts at ease.

Terms Of Service – you must write out clearly your terms of service, no spam and are willing to respect your lists’ privacy.

Testimonials – will be good if you have one as this will further reinforce your authenticity. If you are just starting out, of course, this will not be there. Nevertheless, you can start out well and trust that as time goes on, your happy customers will be more than willing to give you written and or video testimonial.

Make It Simple 

The design of your lead magnet, from opt-in form to conversion must be simple in its entirety. Actually, Alber Einstein said’ IF YOU CANNOT EXPLAIN IT SIMPLY, YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND IT’. Only ask for email address, as that is the only thing you need, and for which people are willing to pass willingly. Research indicates that those landing pages with only email address request convert more.

Boost Your Conversion

You must be ready to boost your conversion by providing a personal touch and engaging your list regularly. You provide what is going on around you and your niche, and generally about the online world. There’s no need for you to start selling immediately, you only want to build rapport and trust at this stage.

Nothing Is Plain Sailing

Like all things of value, it takes its time, its learning curve as well as bumpy ride. What is important is that you remain focused, and don’t give up. Focus on your good strength and capitalise on it. Do not give room to negativity. Take one small baby step at a time.

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