Social Media Scam

We all have to access information sometimes through social media, so are therefore prone to scammers. Here are ways to protect ourselves from social media scams.

Check Privacy Setting

Virtually all social media have a sort of privacy setting which you can use to control who sees what. What you should be looking to control are your personal information, especially your date of birth, house address, phone numbers and photographs.

Maintain the balance
Maintain the balance

Request for Financial Assistance.

Always take request for financial assistance with a pinch of salt, especially those that come with a link. The link can come with a philshing scam to encrypt your data, or steal your ID. If you must give, ensure you do it through PayPal which is much safer.

Manage your network

Try to limit your social media associates by allowing only close friends and family to follow you, especially on a private level. Even on a business level, you definitely don’t want the whole world to follow you. Acceptance should be those that relate to your cliché and dignity, those that you recognise and trust.

Manage your network
Manage your network

Manage your content.

Be very careful what you put out there. especially about your luxurious lifestyle. Do you really need to put out a picture of your Ferrari, Private jet, Rolex wrist watches or your mansion in a Caribbean Island of Mustique ? Do you have to announce your next trip to USA? If you do all these silly things, you’ll definitely be a target for scammers.

Facebook Ad Scam

Most companies from the East usually copy photos from the magazines and catalogues of the West to advertise their products. You will think they are the same and you are buying cheaper, only to discover that these are sub standard version of the original.

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