Steps to financial freedom



Having financial freedom is one of the most desirable thing in life.  To be able to achieve this, there are calculated actions to take, like everything else. Let us analyse these actions or steps in detail.

Have a greater desire than your fear

What do you mean by this? Have a passion to succeed, more than anything else, and be determined to push forward irrespective of obstacles or challenges faced. Obstacles and challenges may involve some wrong decisions that cost you money, time or other serious issue. The important thing is NOT to be put put off by seemingly these failures. Actually failures are part of growth and development if you are able to learn from the lessons.

Create a realistic plan

Once you decide on what you want, then set out a plan of action, and get moving in fulfilling them. Look for mentors, and or tutorials to move your plan to the next stage. The beauty of today’s technology is that one can virtually learn anything now online.  The only danger with online program is that you tend to relax, no time frame unless you challenge yourself to get things done within minimum time frame. Most online courses are of reasonable cost, and with Wealthy Affiliate University, you can start free to know what’s brewing inside before actually committing yourself.  At ‘WAU’, you learn the ‘nitty gritty’ of website building, and how you can monetise your website to earn income which will be sustainable. Register for a free starter course here.

Now is the time to start.

Most of us are probably looking for ‘a perfect time’ to start on this new journey. The issue is that until you start, you will never know what is involved, so start now, and do not delay. Indeed delaying or procrastinating means you are not really ready to take any positive action. Agreed you will not get there overnight, but taking the needed small steps will help a lot in getting there eventually.

Get involved with like minded others

Being part of a group of like minded others create an active force for you to reckon with. At Wealthy Affiliate University, there are over 850,000 like minded individuals sharing new technology and interacting with each other, so you cannot go wrong.  There are other groups from FB, LinkedIn as well. Henry Ford once said ‘If everyone is moving forward together, the success takes care of itself’.

Stay Relevant

In the business world, staying relevant denotes updating your knowledge by relevant training, and expanding your target market. Staying relevant also includes reading, listening to news and socialising.

Avoid debt

Although you might find this difficult, especially if you are just starting out new for the first time, spending money on essentials rather than want can make a big difference to how you manage your financial independence in the long run.




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