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Home based online business ideas





Starting home based online business today is a lot more easier and cheaper than years back. This is because of resources available today, which obviously make online business more profitable than before.

Why online?

The future is definitely online because of the trend of people’s purchasing behaviour, so if you have a day’s job, it is even good to start thinking about operating online business to retire into, and the earlier you start, the better. Today, and in future, virtually everything will be done online, so take your share of the billions of pounds of online business.


Build Your Online Success

Online Success

To succeed online, you need the required training. Online business is the one that you cannot do alone, where you definitely need guidance and direction. Start your free online training here.

The many facet of online business

Fortunately, there are many aspects of home based online businesses, you have to choose the one that resonates with you. These are:

  • eCommerce – selling products, (which can be branded or not) online. This can be via other marketplaces like Amazon, Shopify, eBay, or via own eCommerce website specifically developed for the purpose. This training is also available as stated above.
  • Website designer – here you learn to build various websites, and either sell at Flippa.com or build to clients’ specification.  To be successful in this require knowledge of Search Engine Optimisation(SEO), which will enable traffic for the websites. This training can also be acquired at the free online training stated above.
  • Online courses – both virtual and via video are very lucrative. There are special platforms that support online courses like Udemy and Linda.com. These platforms have easy to use interface that makes teaching very pleasurable and lucrative.
  • Affiliate/ Internet Marketing – where you promote other people’s products and or services, and get a kind of commission. Affiliate marketing is one of the most lucrative online business.

Have a goal

Set yourself a plan of action, and follow through, liaise with like minded online community, get the success you deserve, and turn your dream into reality.



The attraction of affiliate marketing




Affiliate marketing is one of the surest way to make passive income online. Affiliate marketing is where you get commission for promoting others’ products, that is (goods and services), for those that are bought through your marketing effort.  Affiliate commission is usually predetermined when the contract is signed up. The easiest way to promote the products is through your own personal website.

Identify your NICHE

To be successful in Affiliate Marketing, as in all things, is first of all to identify your passion. What are those things that you love doing that it will not seem like work , those issues that flows naturally and resonate with your soul. That is your NICHE.


Integrated Coaching

Build a website

Now that you are able to identify your niche, you are able to build a website along that passion, writing out contents that convert, giving out informative and useful contents. The usefulness of the contents keep readers coming back to your site.

Look for profitable affiliate products

To be able to make money through your website, you must find appropriate affiliate manufacturers and merchants, to register with.  These must be relevant to your niche. On approval, you are given a link. Your and you can always review and recommend products via your websites. Those that are interested can purchase the products via this link on your website, and you get your commission.

Build your email list

Having appropriate email list is a quicker way to build your customer base. These are your readers who wants to have access to your regular contents, and those recommendations you have on offer. An email list is ultimately equivalent to sales in the long run, if you know how to apply it.

Contents that convert

Writing contents that convert on your website requires you to use SEO tracker. This means in essence that your contents will attract the required search from Search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.  The knowledge of this requires appropriate training, and will recommend your start as soon as possible with a free starter membership with Wealthy Affiliate University. 

You will not regret taking this important step. All blessing to you.

Online Passive Income




There are loads of opportunities to earn passive income online, yet affiliate marketing remains the most lucrative of all.

Affiliate Marketing

is where you promote other company’s goods and services for a share of the revenue brought about through that sale. The beauty of affiliate marketing is that you personally do not carry any stock, however you arm yourself with all the relevant information on the product and services, to make an informed decision. This information is NOT those found on the company website about the goods and services. This means you personally do your own research on the products, its pros and cons, and why a particular products is better than the other.

Affiliate Resources

The most important resources of an affiliate is own website. This is your promotional tool, where you write your research (opinion) about the product, and or services. The more informed your opinion, the more people will trust it, and  the more people will come to your website for further information about other goods and or services as well.

Simple Terms.

Writing and expressing your opinion and research of the goods and serves must be in simple terms, free of any technical jargon. If you must use any technical phrase or words, make sure you explain it. You must not be assuming , but rather try to make yourself understandable by your readers. Your readers must be able to decide based on your articles , from the vast array of similar products and services.

Do not over exaggerate your opinion, and definitely do not lie, as this is the only way to build trust and confidence of visitors, who you want to keep coming to your website.

Affiliate Channels

There are many avenues to express your opinion,  these can be via blogs (articles), You-Tube tutorials, social media (FB, Twitter, G+ etc), email notification or marketing and many others. Learn all about affiliate marketing here.

How to start affiliate marketing business





I have throughout the pages of these website emphasised the benefits of Affiliate Marketing as an online business that you can embark upon  alongside your day job. Affiliate marketing is a lucrative and new modern day business opportunity.

Affiliate Marketing is where you promote other company’s products and services via your won websites, so that you get commission on whatever sales you make on such sales.

Start with your Niche

Your niche is something you so much love to do that you will rarely get bored even spending hours on it. This will be your Niche. Then look for companies or organisations that produce them, say games or other products or services. Some companies don’t produce, but they are retailers of such products, and can also have affiliates.

Build your website

Building and managing your websites are the core of your affiliate marketing business. It is an important asset to have, the knowledge and education you need is what you can learn from a reliable online university as well. It is your website that you will use to promote your business, and where you will generate sales from. It becomes imperative that you want to get this right.

Do your research

Do your thorough research, and write a review on some of the products on your niche, especially you the ones you have tried. It is important that you give honest reviews, as people out there rely on such reviews to make informed decision about purchases, and your review will be helping them do so.


Your reviews will be written through what we call blogs, with or without pictures or images of the products.  Your blogs will also promote some services offered by these products. With powerful and converting blogs on your website, you are now ready to apply for affiliates from these organisations. They approve your application by giving you what is termed an affiliate link. This is the link you will put in your blog, to whoever is prepared to buy based on the strength of your blog.

You must blog regularly,  and use certain keywords so that your blog can easily be found by people on various Search engines like Google, Yahoo and others. This you will have to learn how to.

Social Media

You will increase traffic to your traffic to your websites by also increasing you social media presence.  Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, Goggle+ play important role in driving traffic to your website.

Wealthy Affiliate University

This is one of the best teaching portals available online, and you will benefit tremendously by registering with them. There are two membership, premium and free ones. It is logical that only premium members benefit from the full training. Nevertheless free membership allows you to have a peep into the online community, before you decide whether it is good for you or not. You can register here for either of the two.

Product Review Services




Having a website that review products and services is a great way to earn some income online. The first step here is to learn HOW TO build your website, then register for some relevant affiliate program like with amazon.co.uk, or any other online store with varied products – many to give you handful of products to review.

How to build your website.

A practical opportunity awaits you at WEALTHY AFFILIATE UNIVERSITY to learn to build and manage your website yourself. This will be an indispensable aspect of your online business. Building your own website IS NOT as difficult as you think, because at Wealthy Affiliate, they teach in a model that makes you understand, both in a simple easy to follow tutorial and videos and give you everything you need to develop a great website.

Learn Affiliate Marketing

Learn all about affiliate network, and how you can monetise your website to a successful online business.

Learn all about Affiliate Marketing

Review products and services, and get paid commission if sales are made via your review website and much more.

Why Affiliate Marketing

The trend of e procurement, which is increasing on daily basis makes affiliate marketing one of the lucrative business trend in 2017 and beyond. More and more large corporation now tend to use affiliates to drive sales of their products and services. This means you can have a chunk of the £33 billion pounds online sales, and this is growing on daily basis.

Do not let this opportunity pass you by, more so that you can register free. TRY IT NOW FOR FREE.