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Fulfilment By Amazon

If you have a passion to sell online, Fulfilment By Amazon (FBA) is one platform to consider. Amazon Europe is one of the world’s largest selling platform, and their FBA helps you grow your business in a spectacular way both nationally and internationally, as you are open to use their logistic that enables fast delivery options all over the world.

How do you go about selling on FBA?

Choose your product – here you must determine what your passion is. We at Ditchninetosurvive.com advise on dealing with products that you resonate with. Some will say, your chosen product may not sell, but we want you to know that if this is something you love to handle or deal with, you are going to do all your best to add value to the product, you will want to ensure it is in a good shape, and will not tolerate any shoddy job from a manufacturer because you will consider yourself a  number one user and fan. This will make you naturally have a ‘feel’ of what you put out there for others.

Another prerequisite is to choose your product from a list of ‘AMAZON BEST SELLERS’ . You do this by searching for the best sellers under amazon.co.uk or where ever you are based, amazon.com, or amazon.eu as appropriate. When you have this drop down menu, you can then choose a product that you feel you resonate with. The one you feel you will love to sell and handle.

In choosing your product, there are things to look out for, the products must be lightweight, to take advantage of postal cost, in terms of packaging etc and compatible for lower storage space.

Brand your Product

Branding you product makes it stand out as unique, and different from all others out there. Gone are the days that it is only celebrities who make money by branding, now with the help of digital age, anybody can do it, and successfully as well. Branding your product makes it only yours. Develop your logo, and put your mark on it, and this logo and mark will differentiate it from numerous others in the market.

Branding makes your products unique

Branding your products make them unique with longer life cycles, than any other out there. Branding also convey uniformity, credibility and value.

Finding a logo creator can be done cheaply at Fiverr.com. This must be after you have a company name, and register your logo. Make sure you are happy with what is created for you, as this will be a long term venture, although there’s nothing stopping you from creating another logo later as you progress in your business venture. Logo creation goes along with choosing a colour of your business venture as well.

Take the bull by the horn
Take the bull by the horn

Find a manufacturer – Depending on what you are selling, finding the right manufacturer that can develop to your specification is easy. Where to look for manufacturers:

Alibaba.com – is the most popular site for Asian manufacturers like China, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Hong Kong, India , Pakistan and so on, and so forth. The only problem with manufacturers from Asia is low quality, and may not meet British Standard, unless you appoint a quality control manager to ensure each products are manufactured to specification. There is a general agreement with Asian manufacturers that 80% quality is good enough, but this might not meet your own standard.

European manufacturers – are scattered all over Europe, and you will have to do your search for say; ‘still made in the UK, Turkish/UK Chamber of Commerce, and all others chamber of commerce of the country you have in mind. Most Embassies also have their own commercial attaches that can supply information about the country manufacturers.

You must ensure that your products are manufactured to meet specification of the target market, otherwise it will be rejected, and will be a big loss to you. For example if you are selling in USA for instance, it must meet their standard, likewise selling in UK, must meet British Standard irrespective of where it is manufactured.

 Final note of warning that you must not short-change yourself by selling low quality product. The sure way to success is by behaving ethically and honestly. The quality of your product will speak volumes, by customers coming back again and again, by getting good review and telling others will all add up to make you successful.

When all these are  ready, then you can optimise listing, and use Amazon adverts to your best advantage. Just register with FBA, and the support to help market and sell your products is waiting to be tapped.