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Online Passive Income




There are loads of opportunities to earn passive income online, yet affiliate marketing remains the most lucrative of all.

Affiliate Marketing

is where you promote other company’s goods and services for a share of the revenue brought about through that sale. The beauty of affiliate marketing is that you personally do not carry any stock, however you arm yourself with all the relevant information on the product and services, to make an informed decision. This information is NOT those found on the company website about the goods and services. This means you personally do your own research on the products, its pros and cons, and why a particular products is better than the other.

Affiliate Resources

The most important resources of an affiliate is own website. This is your promotional tool, where you write your research (opinion) about the product, and or services. The more informed your opinion, the more people will trust it, and  the more people will come to your website for further information about other goods and or services as well.

Simple Terms.

Writing and expressing your opinion and research of the goods and serves must be in simple terms, free of any technical jargon. If you must use any technical phrase or words, make sure you explain it. You must not be assuming , but rather try to make yourself understandable by your readers. Your readers must be able to decide based on your articles , from the vast array of similar products and services.

Do not over exaggerate your opinion, and definitely do not lie, as this is the only way to build trust and confidence of visitors, who you want to keep coming to your website.

Affiliate Channels

There are many avenues to express your opinion,  these can be via blogs (articles), You-Tube tutorials, social media (FB, Twitter, G+ etc), email notification or marketing and many others. Learn all about affiliate marketing here.