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Internet marketing as a career

Internet marketing starts with generating sales via email advertising to drive sales to particular products or services. Today it involves much more like mobile advertising, social media advertising, mobile apps advertising, email campaigns,  information blogs  with various interactive marketing and advertising through web exposure.

Internet is now part of everyday living, so there’s a shift on the part of corporations to support online purchases to enhance their profitability.  This in turn create the need for internet advertisers, making it one of the most lucrative career in 21st century.

Web Exposure

Yes, you heard right, WEB EXPOSURE – is where you create your resume by having your own website, better if you are able to build it yourself, and brand yourself, sorry NOT your product or services this time but yourself. The question is HOW do you brand yourself?

Brand yourself

In a nutshell, you MUST have a strong online presence. You brand yourself by having your business name and logo registered internationally – this gives you an edge that makes you unique.  Also you need to register your domain name, and get it hoisted on a reputable server like SiteDomains – this makes your file visible. Never attempt to brand yourself through any third party website.

With your own website, you develop and advance yourself as a brand. Pursue your interest, share your story and keep learning, use email to reach your network.

Internet marketing is vital to business success because of the changing needs of customers’ purchasing power. It is therefore necessary to write blogs that are as relevant and helpful as it can possibly be. This is to add value to your readers which in turn will make you close sales.

Internet Marketing is also known as Digital Marketing.

All that Wealthy Affiliate can help you achieve and much more.