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Credit card scam


With Black Friday and Cyber Monday out of the way, the biggest next shopping spree is obviously for Christmas where most people use their credit cards for purchases.

£10 million lost to Cyber criminals in 2015

A popular newspaper reported that more than £10 million was lost to cyber criminals last year. This year, they are also actively engaged to get cash out of your cards, so it is essential to take some precautions mentioned here.

Beware of credit card scam

Public WiFi

Use your cards only on secured servers. This means avoid free and public WiFi connections for your online shopping. This is because scammers have a way to steal your card details if you are on public WiFi because they are easily accessible by anyone.

Look for the padlock sign representing secured servers on the website you want to use your card on.

Fake or cloning websites

Cyber criminals sometimes hoist websites that will have a look and feel of the originals, and you will think you are dealing with the right website. For example a popular shopping website amazon.com can be cloned as amaxon.com. 

You will have to be vigilant to ensure you are not giving your card details to those clones.

Beware also of pop ups that say BUY NOW – THIS OFFER IS FOR LIMITED TIME ONLY,  and then you see a clock ticking away. The scammers know you are online, and therefore offer you a ‘too good to be true offer’. Do not be fooled, because if its too good to be true, its probably is.

Unemployment across the globe has drastically increase the activities of cyber criminals. Avoid completing some online surveys, especially those that promise substantial freebies. They can be targets for cyber criminals to get your important details.