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Internet marketing today


Internet marketing is about marketing goods and services on-line, using many possible aspects of the web. Among these are, email marketing, PPC (Pay per click), subscribers’ lists, SEO (Search Engine optimisation), that drives sales through electronic means to websites, banner advertising, which can include slides, static or pop-ups. This list is not exhaustive.

E-mail marketing
E-mail marketing

Why Internet Marketing?

The huge trend in on-line sales globally, which is $3 trillion in USD (United States Dollars) in 2015 encourages individuals to take internet marketing as a profession. This report suggests that this trend will continue in the foreseeable future. Moreover most corporations now rely on internet and affiliate marketers to promote and sell their products.

Internet marketing also provides  a huge opportunity for entrepreneurs, and those who want to be self- employed to take a share of the market with minimal set-up cost incomparable to the traditional way of setting up a business.

Internet marketer
Internet marketer

Advantages of Internet marketing

  • Convenience –  An internet marketing business is very easy to set up with minimal cost than a traditional business, although we agree that you must have a functional website, managed by you, as the first important tool to make a success of your on-line business.
  • Support less stocking of products –  For those who want to market their products on-line, internet marketing support less stocking of products. An on-line business can afford to stock minimal products and only restock on demand when sales increase.
  • Business available 24/7 –  Internet marketing business is always available globally, taking advantage of the geographical market – kind of the world is your store. On-line business  gains geographical reach, focus, and sales.
  • Allows savings on overseas sales tax  – In the UK, sales tax are recoverable if customers are based overseas, making the products cheaper for your overseas customers. Internet marketer can take advantage of this for product pricing and development, concentrating on  an area of most sales and profit.
  • Easy access to market – SME (Small, medium enterprises) internet marketers with new products are gaining easier access to the whole wide world of customers. Most internet marketers are successful ‘soloprenuers’
  • Customer focused – Because your business is international focused, the customers benefit greater choice, increased competition and savings.

Become a successful Internet marketer

At Wealthy Affiliate University, you can become a successful internet marketer by going through a first class on-line training.

Regular & continuous effort is essential.
Regular & continuous effort is essential.

The most important of the training is the help and support you get to BUILD YOUR WEBSITE YOURSELF, through training tutorials and videos. As we said this is an important first step towards becoming a successful internet marketer, a website designed and managed by you.  Learn all the details here