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The fourth Industrial Revolution


The fourth industrial revolution is the age of Information Technology (IT), and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Artificial Intelligence is also known as Robots or Robotic Engineering. Why on earth should this interest us, you may ask? Simply because we are in a stage of industrial revolution that will change virtually how we live, work and operate. The scale is huge, so is the impact on us all whoever we are, and whatever we are currently doing. Expect this big change.

Previous Industrial Revolution

The first industrial revolution was the age of water turned into steam to power mechanical production. The second is the age of electricity, and this created mass production satisfying the world huge population. The third is the age of electronic information technology automation for production. The fourth is the so called digital revolution which merges the physical, biological and sciences all together.

What to expect

The impact of the fourth industrial revolution is the loss of jobs due to Artificial Intelligence. Unfortunately and sadly, all these will affect all jobs, especially the top white collar ones, like the doctors, accountants, bankers and consultants. The mere low level jobs seemingly safe are hair-dressers, child and adult carers and professionals.

The beauty of online business.

Where does all these leave me and you? Yes, it is worth thinking what our next move will be. The surest way for everyone to look at starting an online business, at a side alongside your regular 9 – 5 job, until when you can finally say good bye to your nine to survive job. When you look at it, online business is relatively easy to set up, a lot cheaper than brick and mortar business, and you are online twenty four seven. You better make up your mind quick enough before you are caught up unprepared. Read more about the Fourth Industrial Revolution here.

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Almost 27,000 used car dealers threatened.




Yes you read that very well. This is because of the growth in online car sales. Research says more and more car buyers are turning online while traditional dealers are loosing up to £41 billion per year in revenue by the year 2027.

Digital Revolution

The digital revolution is catching up on virtually everyone, almost everyone now prefers to do most purchases of both goods and services online.  That is what we call the digital revolution, which started in the 1980s and it is rising higher and higher. Today virtually every product or service can be bought online, and in some cases you can have many offers that can actually confuse you. This confusion brings the development of comparison websites, with and without reviews.

Get in and take your own share

The digital revolution which is worth  over 3 trillion pounds a year, means you and I can set up a profitable online business, if we want to. But like all other things of value , there’s a price to pay. What is that price?  A price of a thorough training, and taking action on things learnt. Remember that no matter what knowledge you have, it is only when you  take action that you can really benefit from such knowledge.

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              ‘All limitations are self imposed’

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