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Make money online with minimal investment

Year in year out a large number of people are earning their major income on-line. A particular UK report says average earning can sometimes top £50,000 per year while few are actually earning more.

Have a million dollar dream.
Have a million dollar dream.

Take advantage of the digital age.

What we are saying is that if you are serious about  having  your own business, it does not have to be brick and mortar type, you can reach a vast higher proportion of customers on-line all over the world than any brick and mortar will. However we know that finding genuine opportunity on-line without being scammed is like searching for a needle in a hay sack.  Let us look at some on-line opportunities:

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E-commerce: If you fancy retailing stuffs on-line, you can confidently build an e-commerce platform, managed by you. An e-commerce store can be for your own products on your own websites, or you can purchase from a manufacturer, and retail on your site. Having to retail on your own site will cut away middlemen, and you retain all your profit.5e7094e7e4f58db795eb19d8001886bb_1457787451_cropped

Another alternative to that is to resell pre-loved items, which can be your own or those you source specifically for  resale. You can resell on e-bay, gumtree, Amazon and other platforms. For this to be sustainable, you need regular and sustainable supply. You can source from car boot sales, charity shops, garage sales, classified ads in most local newspapers, jumble sales, house-hold auctions (some sell off stocks when they are moving), local free recycle schemes and other bargain hunts.

Postmark – is a platform where you can sell your designers’ items like handbags and other ageless products. If properly organised, you can develop your own on-line business that could generate sizeable income.

You will need to take good photographs of your stuff, and be honest about its product description.

New products can be sold on platforms like NOT-ON-THE-HIGH-STREET.COM, Amazon, Craigslist, E-bay, Gumtree and others.

WarningNever short-change yourself and the long term reliability of your brand/business by selling fakes or sub-standard products. Please please, source your products responsibly. You loose customers and reliability in the long run, and you can even be prosecuted for selling fakes. The stake will never be on your side.

Work at home companies

These are companies that reward you for working at home, carrying out one assignment or the other for them.  The list, (not exhaustive) are:

  • Liveops.
  • User Testing.
  • Perk TV.
  • Zoombucks.
  • Swagbucks.
  • Inbox dollars.
  • Global Test Market.
  • E – Poll Survey.
  • Survey Club.
  • Project Payday.
  • User Testing.

E-books – A large percentage of people now read e-books. If you have a particular knowledge, you can create your own e-book, and sell to the public either under your own platform, or via a publisher. As long as your e-book is educative, it  will sell, and you can have a substantial income from it. Moreover the cost of producing an e-book is minimal, with no packaging and shipping cost.

www.ditchninetosurvive.com has gathered information on two most reliable KINDLE PUBLISHING COURSES, giving you a choice to decide on any that resonate with your spirit. As  with all genuine internet based business, this is never a get rich rich quick thing, but legitimate way of building on passive income day in  day out.

If you think Kindle eBook publishing  is what you want, then have a look at these two, and choose a course that is best for you. Best of luck to you.

Freedom Self Publishing Course

Adrian Ingram delivers a training course on how to successfully publish eBooks on Amazon Kindle. Click on the image to learn more.


  • Adrian Ingram provides 21 core lesson videos to teach you how to successfully publish your first book on Amazon Kindle.
  • How to find a great niche.
  • How to choose an amazing title.
  • Access to Advance Lessons Area.
  • Access to Virtual Assistance Training Video.
  • Access to Private Freedom Self Publishing Facebook Group.

K Mastery Kindle Publishing Course 

This system allows you to join join members’ area to be able to learn all that is necessary to publish you own eBook.

Kindle publishing course
Kindle publishing course

Stefan  Pylarinos taught his methods step by step video training course.

  • He set up members only area which you have to access to get the needed information and support.
  • The negative side of this is that Stefan Pylarinos indicated that you can outsource your writing (that is using ghost writers) to get your books published.
  • This is not particularly a good thing if you really want to succeed in your own business.
  • If you have a desire to publish, it is better to do the writing yourself, take a writing course if necessary.
  • Although, it is possible to make good income from Kindle publishing, making extremely huge income that Stefan claim to make is a bit doubtful, so please do not get carried away.
  • Get all information here.

However one can make good money on publishing on Kindle, depending on how interesting and teachable the  titles are.

On-line Courses: Is there a skill or knowledge that you excel in, then teach others, and charge them for it?  You will be surprised how many people out there are willing and ready to learn, and also pay for such learning.1436532633_resized

Web developer: From all the tutorials and support received at Wealthy Affiliate University, you can actually build your own website, perfect your knowledge enough to become a professional web designer, and charge others by building and managing their website for them.

Blogging – You can learn and develop how to write a blog on issues that interest you. If your blog is on topics that create interest, your blog can generate traffic to your site. For your site to be successful you need a platform to promote it like a domain name, and a hosting platform to launch it. All these are not as difficult as you think, you are on a site that will make all the opportunity available where you can learn all the skill required to become a successful blogger.

Affiliate marketing – Affiliate marketing is an opportunity for you as an affiliate to promote products & services by driving customers through your website to organisations you have affiliate programme with.

Affiliate marketing does not make you rich overnight, but it is a sustainable business model that will earn you a lucrative income eventually.

An important aspect of affiliate marketing is that product information play a greater role on people buying on-line. People want to read reviews before buying, they rely on such reviews that help, inform and engage their knowledge further. Writing reviews and directing purchases to companies you have affiliate marketing with, can generate massive income for you. Affiliate commission ranges between 1% – 75% depending on the products and services.

Your review and recommendations must be honest, and genuine. You can be liable to prosecution if your reviews are false or doctored. Affiliates become successful through training and support you will receive. You can even build multiple websites to promote different products, and focus on those that interest you most.

There are so many organisation offering affiliate marketing training  that if you are not careful, you can end up paying unnecessary huge fee. Most of these fees are hidden, and you may not know until you are in. Again, this company will recommend those with reasonable fees, and you will not be scammed. It is better to know what you are getting into before you commit to it.

This company recommends Wealthy Affiliate University as a proven affiliate program you can start for free to see if its worth your while before you commit a penny, and by so doing you know what you’re into.

There are many affiliate organisations out there, which can be really confusing. www.ditchninetosurvive.com has narrowed down to Wealthy Affiliate University as the most ideal, and good one, should you be interested in Affiliate marketing.

Please read the review on Wealthy Affiliate University on the next page.