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Top three recommendation

  •  Fulfilment by Amazon

Selling on line through Amazon website provides one good way to earn money online. There are two ways to do this:

Sell Other People’s Stuff – Here you can purchase in bulk, and retail on Amazon website, either by listing  your product, and sending the whole lot to Amazon Fulfilment Centre. Here once it is accepted as standard, Amazon will fulfil any sales order on your behalf. This means, when your item is ordered, Amazon will pack, and send the order to the buyer on your behalf.  You will normally be paid every fourteen days for all sales, less their own commission which is about 25%.

Sell your own stuff – here you can brand your own specific product, list them on Amazon, and send your products to Amazon Fulfilment Centre. Your product is defined by your logo, and brand which is exclusive to you.

  • Wealthy Affiliate University
Work for yourself.
Work for yourself.
  • Get all required training with easy to follow tutorials & videos.
  • Learn how to build your website.
  • Legitimate & steady streams of income.
  • Free starter course, you know what you are getting into before       you pay.
  • This website is built with the training and support from                         Wealthy Affiliate University.


  • Online Courses

– On-line tutorials remains one of the big avenue to earning good money online. Do you have any skill that you can teach confidently. Even if you are passionate about a subject, you can learn how you can teach it in a step by step tutorials, using simple video combined with audio messaging. All these and much more, you can learn by enrolling in Wealthy Affiliate University, so that you can do all of them yourself instead of contracting it out.