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Affiliate Marketing as online business



Affiliate marketing is promoting other people’s  goods and services, such that when your promotion pays off, and you convince that others to buy the goods and services, you can earn commission from the such sales.  Affiliate marketing remains number one online business till today, and because of its success, (about 85% of online sales are sold through affiliate network), many companies use affiliates to promote their business. Examples of such companies are Amazon and Dell and other big corporations.

How Affiliate Marketing works

The first step is to determine WHAT you are going to promote,  this has to be what you are passionate about, called your NICHE. This is because such passion will drive your research into it, and you will be able to write contents that add value and covert enough for you to make sales and therefore earn commission.  For instance, let us take example of  ‘TABLETS COMPUTER’ .

Develop a strategy

that research various tablets in use, write a review on each, put out your review on each out there. How do you then get your information out there ? You do this by putting the vast information in a websites, choosing the name of the website carefully to come out for anyone searching online about information on table computers. The choice of name should conform to SEO, which only means your website comes top on the list on search engines like Google, Safari, Yahoo etc.

Learn All about Affiliate Marketing

Obviously making success of affiliate marketing as a business will require learning about the most essential working strategy of affiliate marketing . That is why I recommend WEALTHY AFFILIATE UNIVERSITY, an online tutorial portal, that is second to known in training and support. What’s more you can start free, and be a member for one month, know what it all entails before deciding whether to join or not. I will advice to register here, as free member first.