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What are robot proof profession?




What jobs will survive technological and automation revolution, in the future, that is what are robot-proof jobs?  Yes, in deed the trend in automation means you can lose your job. Research indicates that some professions like accountants, sales and customer service officers are doomed with the upsurge of robotic technology and automation.

Professions like composers, artists, nurses, social and care workers, child care workers, hair dressers, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, dancers and cosmetologists, occupation therapists, cooks and domestic house keepers are definitely not going to be affected. This can only mean one thing – human empathy, care and understanding are still very much in demand.

What’s next for you?

A change in career well ahead you might say. Not necessarily so. The best option is for you to learn and develop a skill that will make you independent, self sufficient, and able to stand on your own. What can that be, you may ask?

Online business – the job of the future

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Jobs could be lost to Robots


The impact of technology on jobs and profession indicate that many could be lost to robots and other technology automation.

The Bank of England CEO, Mark Carney said this could affect almost half of the UK workforce of 31.8m, and the worst affected will be the lower income group except skills like hairdressers, childminders,  and carers.

Wider gap between the rich and the poor

It is a well known fact that the gap between the  haves and the have- nots are increasing every day, while average workers have suffered massively loss of high quality of living standard over the last ten years. Read the full text here.

Have successful online business

Are you at all surprised by all these gloom prediction on your job and living standard, if yes, what are you doing about it?

What you can do is to take advantage of the digital age, and make a living for yourself by having a successful online business.  Statistics show that people’s purchasing power have all tend towards online. Actually about $3 billion sales were done online last years, where Amazon that takes the lead only have 15% of the market share.

To make success of online business like any other, you need a good training platform, which include learning to build your website and to be able to leverage to make success of it, take control of your life, and ditch nine to survive.

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