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Blog your way to success

Blogging remain one of the top online success story, although it is good to be realistic that not all bloggers out there are successful. So what are typical of the successful ones, we may ask ?  it is the same as with all business model.

Business Model

A good blogging business must start with you having a mission, that sets you apart from all others out there. Your mission is linked to THE BRAND that you want to create, i.e. your uniqueness that is related to the message you want to bring out, your own story, and how you perceive life with your own experiences and view points.

What are my passion?
What are my passion?

How you do you do this, is by asking yourself certain questions – ‘What are my values, what annoys me, what are my passions, how do I see life and or lifestyle of others vis a vis my own? All these will enhance your business model.

Blogging Model

There are THREE types of blogging models:

The Professionals

  • These types of bloggers are academia who blog as an authority in their respective field, and are respected as such. Apart from blogging, these also have added advantage of speaking engagements, clients who consult them, and selling of digital products like eBooks, and so on and so forth.

The Big

  • The Big is the simplest of the the three, you just have your own website, (which is better if you build it, and manage it yourself), then you can start blogging on a subject that interest you, called your NICHE.
  • As long as you write on issues that add value to your readership, they will keep coming back for more, which will enable you to drive traffic to your website. If you have good traffic, it is easier to attract advertisements on your website and make money. The more readers you have , you can leverage on that to build yourself a brand to further develop and expand your business.
  • Building and managing your website is not that difficult as you think.
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  • You will have easy to follow video tutorials, and support all along. If you feel this is something you want to try, you can have a free starter program, just register here.

Celebrity Inspired Personal Blog

  • This is a model where well known personalities have an advantage of already people who follow them, and are interested in their lifestyle. Blogging of this type is not related to specific niche, but varies according to what the celebrity wants to write about at a particular time. The topics are much more personal to the blogger, his or her belief system and lifestyle.

Invest in your blogging business

One thing every blogger must do is to invest in your business to attract readers who wants to come again and again. This requires more than writing about interesting topics. It requires having a good THEME, which is a framework for your website. Get a good premium theme, same as useful tools like SEO management tools, graphic,  photography and plugins.

Share your experience & viewpoints.
Share your experience & viewpoints.

Blogging Platform

The most popular blogging platform is WordPress, if you choose this platform, there are many themes to choose from, and most give you better control over your website.

Domain Registration

You will need to host your website in a reliable setting. I advise that you choose SiteDomain, which gives you added free tutorial on how to set up as well as free starter pack.

Monetising your website

Of course you want to make money from your blogging business, look at ways you can make money. Take adverts from Google (Google AdSense) and Bing/Yahoo (Media.net), or others in your respective country.

Is there an avenue you can teach what you know well that relates to your niche online? Online courses is a top income earner that you can leverage upon.

Is it possible to add affiliates link to your website? This is where you can promote and review others’ products and services prompting customers to buy from your link, and you get commission on such sales.

Social Media Interaction

It is a well known fact that your presence on social media can boost your readership level. Do not overdo things, look for the one or few that best serve your purpose, and send your blog there consistently. Also allow comments, and for people to get back to you asking questions, and commenting on your post.

You need Perseverance

Like all online business, it is a slow growth thing. Forget about people who tells you you can make huge money within a short time. You need time to drive traffic to your website, need adequate time to convince your readers to want to come back more to read your blog. You will only be successful if YOU DON’T GIVE UP, BUT KEEP GOING.

Success is NOT always what you see

It’s not a get rick quick scheme, it’s a journey, but if you embark on that journey properly, you can build yourself a successful business just like others have done.

Do not delay – the future is online

If you are convinced that this is for you, then jump on the bandwagon and start today. The future is online. Don’t wait, and start to analyse, as you can’t begin to learn until you start.  Don’t paralyse yourself with procrastination, and definitely don’t wait for permission from anyone. Don’t be scared, don’t be shy, don’y worry about the what ifs, hows and whens

Do not delay

Commit to content creation that add value to your readers. Dream big and make your dream a reality. So get out there and start today.