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Instability in today’s workplace

Have you ever thought about the changing scenes of today’s workplace, we mean that technology can actually replace how and where you do your job, and thereby make you redundant?

If you want to ask us here at DitchNineToSurvive, we will tell you  –  No man is indispensable.

‘The biggest mistake you can make is to believe you are working for somebody. Job security is gone. The driving force of a career must come from the individual. Remember jobs belong to the company, but you owe your career’ – Earl Nightingale.’

The future is online.

When you love what you do,  it is fun, and you are naturally motivated to perform, but when you HAVE TO DO IT, it becomes tedious and the overall interest is lost, especially when the boss is not relating well with the subordinates.

People choose career when they are young, inexperienced and naive, and just take each day as it comes without proper planning for the future. This is complicated by lack of work – life balance that results in detesting the job.

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Workplace environment has changed including personnel rating and employee evaluation of performance and ability. Hence a company today is interested in HOW an employee can add value to overall success of the organisation, and whether it is worth retaining that  employee.

The shift is WHY in today’s workplace environment, organisations take employee loyalty for granted. This made employees to open their eyes wide to see the focus of their company and the treatment of other staff as a reality.

Be an affiliate
Be an affiliate

Getting an assurance?

This website provides education and opportunity for you to take back control of your life.

Educate yourself.
Educate yourself.

This is not all about money, but about you and living your dream. You cannot afford to wait  because time does not stand still, and does not wait for anyone.

Remember companies doesn’t give job security anymore, and that is why you need to act. Dare to take the bull by the horn, because the future is online, take advantage of the digital age as there’s opportunity for all.

Recipe for success – motivateus.com

  • Heat up an idea,
  •  Take action,
  • Mix it with passion, & belief,
  • Add a dash of Persistence.

Pronto – you are successful. Best wishes to you always.