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Internet crimes rise




Internet crimes have gone through the roof in recent months,  as more than 90,000 was committed in UK, during the first half of the year. Criminals are targeting both businesses and individuals, no one is left out. They obtained their tools from hack emails, social media, phone calls and whatever they lay their hands on. How do you protect yourself from all these?

Online Shopping

If you are shopping online, which most people do these days, make sure the website is a genuine one, not prototype ones. This is because there are loads of fake website that mimics the original ones.

Social Media

Keep your online social interaction to the barest minimum, because criminals use data obtained from your social media platform. Do not divulge personal information and be vigilant always, especially to those request for friends and follow-ship.


Be cautious of opening email links. Phishing is a fake email that appears to be from your bank, credit cards companies, couriers. They use the right logo, so you will find it difficult to differentiate the real thing. All they want is to steal your personal and sensitive information.

Romance scam

This target lonely men and women that register with online dating websites.  The scammers use data available on social media as well as what is on the dating websites. The scammers set up exaggerated social media profile about themselves to deceive you into believing you have met ‘That One’ , that wonderful individual and you just relax and divulge more than you have to. Read more here

Job Offer scam

You need to know that not all employment postings are legitimate. Most of these scams may charge upfront fees, and you usually get fast track response, or outdated and fictitious, that will never lead any job offers. How to spot employment scams:

  • Exaggerated remuneration – out of this world pay structure, is meant only to attract your interest further.
  • Request for your bank details to pay in your salary – this might be the start of other request of your data.

Please take care always and be vigilant.