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Online Surveys


There are several platforms where you can just register to complete online surveys, and get paid for your time.  However you need to enrol for a sizeable number if you are going to realise something worthwhile.  Most surveys are carried out on by marketing organisation on behalf of big organisation, and most surveys answers are treated as anonymous.  The good thing about online survey is that most are easy to complete, and do not need any formal knowledge, all that is required is to complete it as honestly as possible.  Register here for these survey sites:

TOLUNA – the official blog of The UK

You will regularly get surveys from this platform once registered. Payments are either made by PayPal directly into your account or bay Amazon voucher. If you want payment by cash into your account, you must use the same login email as your PayPal Account. Account registration is free. Register here for Toluna


This is another honest company that has consistently pays you to do simple tasks online, take online surveys, watch video or play games.  The pay is nothing much, but can soon build up if you do it often enough. You do not need any money to sign on, so you can join for free.

To make a substantial income from Clixsense, you need to refer others, using you special link that will be provided for you. ClixSense allows up to eight referrals downline which you can benefit from their earnings.


ClixSense Tasks.

Here you just follow the instructions to complete tasks, and you can win between $5 – $15 a day.


As in task, you follow instructions, and your submission has to be approved and verified before you know whether you win or not.

ClixSense Surveys

ClixSense can sometimes invite you to participate in Surveys which is about $1 each. Your participation will depend whether you are qualified for the appropriate survey.

Caution is your watchword

If you decide to sign in for PPC advised above, let CAUTION be your watchword. This is because  most PPC adverts promise unrealistic online business income, e.g. $100 per day for taking surveys, how to earn $500 per day doing simple tasks, or $100,000 per month copying this or that strategy. These are all false promises, to ensure you register for cash, that you will never make back.

Any PPC and Survey platform that is asking for money to sign you on IS NOT RECOMMENDED. These usually promise you huge sum e.g. £3,500 a month for taking surveys etc. Please ignore these scams.

Internet business


Please DO NOT be swayed by ‘SHINNY OBJECT SYNDROME’, and do not be financially desperate and jump into a frying pan and lose more money.  These gargantuan promises are perfectly legal in some countries, but the onus is on you, the buyer to be careful of the scheme you choose to sign up to. In any case, please always research by reading reviews on the internet on whatever scheme you want to sign on to, at least know what others are saying about it before spending your money.

Again, we restate that online business IS NOT A GET RICH QUICK,  scheme, but if you learn the strategy, you can be successful online and live the life of your dream.