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What is SFI ?




SFI, otherwise known as Strong Future Income is founded by John Carson, a well known online entrepreneur.  SFI operates both as an affiliates, and MLM (Multi Level Marketing), alongside their sister eCommerce corporation, Trippleclicks.com.

Is SFI legitimate?

I will say YES definitely, SFI is a legitimate organisation, priding themselves of being strong financially for almost 20 years now. There’s no doubt about their legitimacy.

How SFI works.

The main purpose of SFI is to encourage affiliates to buy from Trippleclicks.com, and when you open up trippleclicks.com, prices are unreasonably over priced. You and I know the reason for the high prices, simply top-line interest paid as on most MLM.

I once searched for an Avon perfume on Trippleclicks, it was listed as $68, for something that was listed as $14.00 on Amazon. Who on earth would be stupid enough to pay $68 for something you can get for $14.

Why I would not recommend SFI

  • Games waste your time.
  • Auctions suck your money.
  • Very expensive and low value products at their trippleclicks.com. The initial VP (VALUE POINTS) you get is just to diversify you away from the from the difficulty of getting up to 1500 VP needed to earn commission.

My opinion.

To create and sustain any successful online business entails first and foremost investing in yourself by learning all the necessary ingredients of online business success. It is after this that you will be equipped to navigate your way through the many paths of online success.

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